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Ugh, it finally hit me. I'm so uncomfortable at night! I feel like my stomach is being pushed up my throat, my back hurts, I constantly have to pee, blah blah blah. It's nearly three a.m. and I just want to sleep!

/end rant.

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Re: uncomfortable!

  • I know exactly how you feel. up until 2 nights ago I was dreading the bed. I knew once I got there I'd be tossing and turning all night completely uncomfortable and trying not to wake my husband to much. 

    I finally caved in a bought the bobby pregnancy pillow the one that you can customize and honestly i'm sleeping so much better now. I still get up to pee but at least when I lay back down I don't have to fight with pillows to try and get comfortable. if you don't have one yet I recommend it.



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  • Yup- same here and have 15wks to go.......
  • Agree! 14 more weeks of this?!?
  • I hear that! I feel like I hardly get any sleep! I can't wait till DS gets here so I can sleep comfortably again and not be up all night peeing! Although... I realize I will be getting up all night for other reasons! For the person with the boppy, how do you use it? I have one but haven't found a way to make it comfortable yet....
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