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Stiff fingers

I have had carpal tunnel before and used to wear braces but this is the first time I have experienced finger stiffness to such an extreme. When I wake up in the night or in the morning my fingers are so tight and I have to sit there and force myself to wiggle them. I have heard both carpal tunnel or water retention could be causing this. For those of you who are experiencing this have you found any relief besides braces? Has yours stayed till LO comes and then goes away? Thanks

Re: Stiff fingers

  • I just started experiencing it a couple weeks ago so I haven't done anything about it yet. Hoping it goes away after! Sorry no answer, but from what I have read, it is carpal tunnel.


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  • I'm having the same problem. I really hope it goes away after.

  • I'm having that happen too and am trying to figure out if its worth wearing the braces. I guess we will see, but I definitely hope it goes away after baby arrives.

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    FTM so idk if it goes away but I'm having the same thing. Had carpel tunnel since the first tri but it seems to be getting worse in the home stretch.
    I've just been soaking my hands and do Epsom salt baths a few times a week.
  • FTM but I have  been having this issue as well. I asked my doctor and he said yes it will go away. Its do to fluid building up over night because of poor circulation.That the fluid pushes on nerves causing this discomfort.  Mine also get very tingly almost like they are a sleep still throughout the day. According to him when we give birth the circulation and fluid issues will resolve resolving the nerve issues. 


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  • I have the exact same thing and nothing seems to help. For me it is worse on the side that I'm sleeping on so I change sides but that only transfers the problem.
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    I have the same issue. I wear the braces as much as I can, even during the day if possible. I also ice my hands and wrists a few times a day. My husband massages my hands occasionally too. I have also found that spending time in the pool, moving my wrists and hands to be somewhat helpful.

    That being said, I still have pain and stiffness. These things provide only some relief. My sister suffered from CT during her pregnancy too, but after having the baby it went away. So I'm hopeful...
  • With ds I had moderate carpal tunnel. It did ease up over time, and this time around its been super mild if at all.
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  • Thanks. I can deal with it for the next few weeks. Just hoping once LO comes it will go away.
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