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NBR: Prayers for my Shell-Baby

Mobile: NBR: Prayers for my Shell-Baby

Our tortoise is GONE.

We have an outdoor enclosed play area for him when the weather is nice. Usually we put him out in the morning and bring him in in the evening. That way he gets natural light and can frolic among the weeds. We forgot to bring him in last night and now he's completely gone. There's no way he could have climbed out. We scoured the yard, his play area, under the deck, etc etc. Nothing.

I'm so afraid something came in and got him! We don't have any large dogs in the area, the play pen is out of hawk/eagle range, and we don't think we have raccoons (haven't ever seen them in the 5 years we've been here).

Prayers please that we find him. He's my husband's special little guy and I can tell DH is devastated right now. Our tortoise is the whole reason we went with turtles as our baby theme. I'm more afraid of finding parts of him than not finding him at all.


Thanks everyone...


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