How long did you or planning to take off from work?

There's a good possibility I'm having an RCS. I know some people are taking 12 weeks off. My employer allows 8 weeks. Is that enough time to recover from a c-section? A little backstory of myself (not that it pertains to my question), my last CS was 15 years ago. I had to have a CS after 14 hours I stopped dilating at 6 cm and she never went through the birth canal. My present working situation is much different than 15 years ago too.

I was wondering if 8 weeks enough to recover and go back to work, or should I consider getting an extension? I have an easy desk job. I just wanted to swap some notes and see what other ladies are doing. TIA


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Re: How long did you or planning to take off from work?

  • svodosvodo
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    8 weeks is definitely enough time. I went back at 7 weeks last time and felt fine. I'm on my feet because I'm a teacher, so a desk job should be even better!
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  • I would agree that 8 would be plenty. If for some reason you have complications, you can cross that bridge when you get to it instead of getting your employer worked up now. If you genuinely need more time off, you will have information from the doctors, etc. Good luck!
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  • From a recovery standpoint, 8 weeks is more than sufficient. I'm taking 12 weeks just because I can with FMLA and I want as much time home with my LO as possible.
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  • I went back to work after 8 weeks. I also work at an easy desk job, so it was fine. (I did take off more time once DD was discharged from the NICU, but it wasn't medically necessary for me.)

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  • If there are no complications I think 8 weeks should be enough. I went back at 6 weeks, but I probably could have done it at 4 weeks (I have a desk job, too). 

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  • EmR22EmR22
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    The "medical standard" for c sections is 8 weeks and I agree it was enough time. Like people said I took off my full 12 weeks allotted by FMLA but could have gone back sooner. 

    I would not approach your employer about an extension until you are at 7-8 weeks and you can see how you are doing. You would probably need a medical evaluation stating you need more time due to some sort of complication.  

  • Felt like could move around fine by 6 weeks, and the emotions were finally getting back to my standard self about that point, but mentally wasn't ready to be away full time, every day. Did intermitent leave after my 8 medical weeks were up and slowly went back in (another teacher though).
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  • I took 10 weeks but could have easily gone back at 8 weeks.  10 weeks was my decision before I knew I was having a c/s; it was how long I wanted to be with my baby.
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  • Thanks ladies! :D


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  • SwetaVSwetaV
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    8 weeks is plenty of time, I am 3 weeks PP and could easily go back to work full time...thank goodness I don't have to though!
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  • 8 weeks is enough time. I could go back now at 3 weeks because I feel good but I will be taking the 8 weeks.

  • I planned on taking 10 weeks, but due to our financial situation I have to go back at 7 weeks. I'm super bummed cause I only have one week left with my LO.

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  • I took off as much time as I could, but I would have been able to go back at 8 weeks.  I was moving furniture at 3 weeks PP because we had our first floor flooring redone.  I was tired from getting up in the middle of the night with DS, but I would have been fine going to work.
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  • I think it is enough time. Get your rest but try to get back into moving around slowly as soon as possible to speed up the healing process. Do not over do it or anything but try to not stay bed ridden either.

    I went back to work fairly quickly after both kids were born and I plan to with this one too. 




  • 8 weeks is more than enough.  I took 3 weeks with DS and will only take 3 with this LO.  I have a desk job, so not much on my feet.
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  • takmjstakmjs
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    I had pain for 4 weeks and physically could have returned in 4-6 weeks. Our doctor worked in Illinois and Wisconsin during his schooling/residency/career. He said Illinois and most states give 6 weeks for a csection, but Wisconsin gives 8 weeks. He thought women only need 6, but he put in the disability paperwork for the 8 weeks like Wisconsin says (where I am and where he practices).

  • Last time I took 14 weeks off and will do the same this time around. Although physically I would have been able to return around 3 or 4 weeks, I was able to take my kids out & about around 10 days out and took a vacation 5 weeks out...
  • I was fine from the recovery perspective by 6 weeks. Definitely by 8 I could handle a desk job - but my emotions were all over the place, I wasn't getting a whole lot of sleep, and I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving DS at that stage. I went back at 12 weeks because I had to.... But really wish I ddn't.
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  • I was fully recovered by week 4 so yes.
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  • rm2013rm2013
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    I guess it depends on your recovery. At 8 weeks I was nowhere near capable of going back to work. I couldn't even drive still. But, like PPs mention even I I was good I would still stay out longer to enjoy bonding with my LO. I stayed out for 14 weeks.

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  • jennOKjennOK
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    I am 6 weeks post Csection. I had complications, and I still haven't healed. I have drainage coming from my incision and have to clean and bandage it several times a day. There is no way I could go back right now. I don't see me being able to in two weeks honestly. I will talk to my employer about it this week though. I of course had no idea this would happen beforehand. My case is far from normal though. I had planned to return at 7 weeks.
  • true story--I went back to work 2 weeks after my C-section. I was doing a year long internship and the longer I took off, the longer I would have to tack onto the internship at the end and I didn't want to do that. It was sitting in an office chair all day though and I was fine. I took shorter days and I had a pretty easy recovery so it worked for me (also I got to take DS with me). DS was in the hospital for those two weeks I had off so it kind of sucked to bring him home and then go straight back to work. But it was fine. I felt fine. 
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  • My daughter was born in early September and I went back to work early January. I probably could have done it at 8 weeks but I wouldn't have been too happy about it. 
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  • I went back after eight weeks and it was fine. Most of my pain disappeared between 6 and 8 weeks. I was much, much more mobile after six weeks. Try light activity after six weeks, it helps. I have a desk job as well.
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  • I am an aerobics instructor. I will be taking 6 weeks off. Thankfully I only teach two classes a week, and won't be doing any subbing for a month after I go back to work, but I'll be back after 6 weeks. Especially since I had to take an early hiatus from teaching due to complications. I'm only 30 weeks at this point, but unable to teach until after baby is born. Good luck to you, and I wish you a speedy healing. 
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  • Not sure where you are located (US or not), nor if you qualify, but you might look into FMLA if you want to be off longer. If you qualify, your company cannot insist you come back at eight weeks.

    I felt well enough at two weeks pp with both if my pregnancies to have gone back to work.
  • 8 weeks is enough to return to a desk job. I felt pretty good after 3 weeks. But I'm taking 14wks because I can stack my disability leave & PFL, i did this last time & I liked having that time home w. my kiddos
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