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kudos DHs everywhere

I'm having a slow afternoon, no energy to do anything today! All I've accomplished today is putting dishes in the dish washer... while loading the dishes a curiosity popped into my mind.

It's sad how excited I was when DH finally caved and bought me a dishwasher for Mother's Day. 2 years of begging for one and all it took was getting preggers to get one.  

So ladies, what is the best gift(s) your DH has ever gotten you?  

This was me running to it, I swear!


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Re: kudos DHs everywhere

  • This is so hard! I really love our sofa and love seat. They are amazing!
    But also that unexpected trip to Hawaii in May was super great..
    I told my husband I wanted a gold wedding ring so I could match all of the different jewelry I wear. Mine is silver. I thought I would have to wait until he's a doctor.. Nope! Surprised me on our one year anniversary!
    My husband spoils me!

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  • A couple of months after my son was born my parents showed up at my house to watch my son. My DH had gotten us tix to go see the Harry Potter exhibition in NYC. At the time it was supposed to be the last time in the states. They came back of course. Other than that he took me to Spamalot, Little Mermaid, Phantom, and Les Mis on different occasions. I knew ahead of time for those so they weren't as exciting.
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  • PS. LOVE the gif. It reminds me of when I was around 10 years old. I kept asking my parents for a Dyson vacuum and a swiffer.. They got them on Christmas and I started crying and threw myself on them because I was so happy!! I was an interesting child..

    Jude Beckham 10/23/2013   Sean & Chels 03/08/2012


  • He surprised me with a hot tub about 3 years ago.

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  • I think my ipad is my favorite.  My camera takes a close second.
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  • The first Valentine's Day we were together, he bought me a beautiful Zales diamond bracelet and told me he loved me for the first time.  I wore it every day and it reminded me of him telling me he loved me.  Fast forward 3 years later when we were engaged.  I lost the bracelet in my millions of errands I was running.  I was devastated and we never found it.  Fast forward again a year and a half to our first wedding anniversary this past May.  He saved up and bought me a replacement bracelet (not the same one because that one has jumped in price considerably) and surprised me.  This took a lot of scrimping and saving because he is currently paying for grad school and paying off his credit card with my engagement ring on it before baby gets here.  The sacrifice meant just as much as the bracelet.  I love DH!

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  • Best gift was for my 30th last December he took me away for long weekend and to an amazing restaurant that I had been dying to go to. We had an incredible tasting menu and sat at the most wonderful table, were treated like royalty...it was out of this world.

    It was hard for me to recall that, hubby aint impressing me too much today

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  • Honestly, this will sound totally sappy but my love language is Words of Affirmation so I promise I mean it.

    My favorite gifts from my dh are when he writes me sweet notes and messages in cards. He is not a very vocal person so those messages mean the world to me. Also, random sweet emails and text messages make me melt. I know it takes a lot of effort on his part even though it seems small.

  • My Canon T3i is my absolute favorite! One day I came home from work and he said "let's go for a drive" and took me to Best Buy! He's a keeper :]

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  • DH bought me a bracelet 2 Christmases ago from Things Remembered. It had keys on it (I collect key necklaces) and had "Intrinity" engraved on it (that's our special word).

    Unfortunately, it broke 2 days after I got it. Guess it was an omen of more rough times to come. I still haven't gotten it fixed.


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  • Mine does really well with the gifts. I have some pretty impressive jewelry, he got me a high end Nespresso machine for our anniversary this year, and if I ask for a big appliance, I usually get it (although, he's reluctant to get me "house" presents, haha)

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    While I love my iPad, I for sentimentality I have to choose two pieces of jewelry. One is a custom white gold and diamond pendant he had made for me when I graduated from my MBA program and the other is a necklace made of tiny Murano glass beads we bought on our honeymoon. The latter we bought together but I never would have splurged on it without his encouragement, so I consider it a gift :)

    As an aside, we recently replaced our SUPER crappy dishwasher and I can completely relate to your excitement. DH also replaced our broken garbage disposal this morning and I wanted to jump up and down and clap my hands.  

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  • St Lucia for my 30th - my dream vacay (we weren't married or even engaged yet) 

    On our wedding day he gave me a sapphire and diamond pendant (something blue) and our first anniversary he completed the set with matching earrings 

     He's a very thoughtful gift giver





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  • On the jewelry front, DH is good. Our first Valentine's together we were both in university but he splurged and surprised me with a beautiful emerald and diamond gold necklace. He told me from when we first started dating that everything he buys me will have green in it as I love green. My engagement ring is the same as my necklace, love it! He got me earrings to match them for our wedding, matched the green in my dress as well :) 
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  • My husband sold his boat and gave me $5000 to put towards my Jeep. He matched my $5000. This was even before we got married so I know this was a very big deal. I'm still kind of shocked that he did that...lol. 
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  • REAL diamond earrings for our first anniversary!!! And the very first gift he ever bought me was Dirty Dancing on vhs!! That would be a close second! I keep it but never watch it since I have the DVD now!
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  • My first Birthday we celebrated together he got me my my oldest dog, Ty.  Pups are the gift that keep on giving :)

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    This may sound corny.. But the best gift DH ever gave me was this baby. There is no one else in this world that I would rather share this awesome journey with besides him.

    Also, I really love my iPad.

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