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It's easier when they're you're own, right?

My friend has two kids. One is three and the other is a month older than DD. I love her and her kids, but they are so.freaking.loud and all over the place. Whenever she comes here, I'm stressing out until she leaves. DH and I are very much the type of people that really enjoy quiet, and DD, albeit being a very busy toddler is not a very loud one. Or maybe she is, and it just doesn't bother me because she's my own kid... who knows...

Anyway, DH and I always thought we'd like to have two kids, but whenever they come over, I find myself thinking, holy crap.. if we had two kids and they were that loud, I might lose my flippin' mind.

I'm assuming that this isn't the case for everyone who has multiple kids, or is it?

Ugh... I guess I'm just being a big ol' B... but I was not in the right mental state to have her over today with the kids. Note to self: Stay away from other people's kids when you have PMS.

Re: It's easier when they're you're own, right?

  • Loud kids make my head hurt

    It's probably just personality related, must be genetic. Lol.

    Or maybe they were just really excited to be around another small child. I dunno.

    Two kids right now sounds like too much to handle lol.
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  • It is WAY different with your owns kids. It's loud with two but with my kids I don't mind so much. When we have people over I go crazy too. I love kids and I love our friends and family's children but I have a hard time being around other people's kids for some reason.
  • My biggest problem is understanding what older people's older children are saying.
    Confuses me
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  • I don't think my kids are loud. I am really sensitive about noise but it has never crossed my mind that they are loud. And yes, somehow it's harder to tolerate other people's kids. 


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  • I should add that my kids are way behind in speech and rarely say anything besides all done, dog, and on (when DS wants me to turn a light on.) Maybe once they talk I'll change my mind. 



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  • Yes, I do think it's easier when they're your own. Although, my DD was about to turn 3 when DS was born, so we have more of an age gap than those two kids. My son is the loud one around here!
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  • I think pretty much everything is different when it's your own kid(s).  Whether that be them being loud, the messes they make, changing stinky diapers...I think you're more tolerant of your own than others.  Not that you don't like other kids, it's just when they're your own, you're used to the little things they do and hear their screeches every day, their banging on toys every day, things like that...to the point of you're probably more likely to be able to tune those out whereas if it's another child it's not a usual noise that is easily tuned out.

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  • It is different when they are your own, but I will say that you are nowhere near the loud stage.  On a daily basis I think, "Man, is Carly quiet...," and then I realize it is because she is not fully verbal yet.  LOL  

    Once when Lily was little (probably right around the age of our kids), I heard this little girl talking to her Mom in the grocery store and told her Mom that she had the cutest voice...and the Mom said, "Yeah, it is cute when you don't hear it 24/7."  LOL  I was totally offended and judged her...until Lily started talking 24/7 around 2...and has not looked back (yes, she is going to be 5 next week).  Honestly at LEAST once a day, I think to myself, "Please...PLEASE...STFU."  I never say it, but I do think it.  :b


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  • So much easier when they are your own! I babysit other kids all the time and your own kids...are so much better :)

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