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Take LO to a wedding? We have a wedding to go to in a few hours! DD was invited, DH is a groomsmen, so I will be sitting with her alone and even though I've tried to time it right, it's going to be around nap time. It's outside and there is no where to duck out if she starts to have a melt down, but she was invited and his friend and his bride have expressed their interest in seeing her. I have a babysitter lined up though. Would you take your LO?

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  • We went to a wedding OOT about 2 months ago and took both kids. It was outside, at the beach. It went fine.
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    We went to an outside wedding last weekend and it went pretty well. She got fussy during the ceremony because she wanted to be moving around. I just stood in the back with her and let her play with the leaves and all was well. Luckily there were a lot of other kids, so they were all making noise as well. So I would take LO if I were you. There will probably be other kids there.
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  • We were just at my brothers wedding last weekend, and we traveled from Michigan to Maine. C was the flower girl bit e came too.
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    Yup I would take him!
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  • Definitely! If all hell breaks loose and you have to leave, everyone will understand. Just bring a few toys and have a good time!
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  • I would. They invited her so she is welcome. People will understand if you have to go off with her. Also, if it is outside it's not like it will be long with a full mass or anything. Have fun!
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