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8 month old still not sleeping through night

My 8 month old still will not sleep through the night. He eats like a bird still only drinking 4 oz of formula at a time. He does eat solids of course but eats those like a bird as well. Is anyone else going through this or am I alone out there?

Re: 8 month old still not sleeping through night

  • I think 4 oz a feeding is fine, DD drinks about 3 of breastmilk per feeding and about a tablespoon of baby mush once or twice a day. How often is he waking up? How long is he sleeping before waking up?

    I believe around 8 months there's also a sleep regression, so that could be affecting things. Have you looked into night weaning and weaning him away from night feedings?

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  • Neither of my kids STTN regularly until past 18 months. They both ate once a night past a year. It is perfectly normal to need to eat once a night until a year or even more if you are EBFing.

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  • DD is 8 months and on a good night she wakes once but normally it's at least twice. She eats 3 meals a day plus a 6oz bottle every 4 hours. I don't see her STTN anytime soon. DS started STTN around 6-7 months.
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  • DS is 8 months today and was up every hour last night and ate twice. Some feedings he will eat 6 ounces, the next just 2. Completely normal.
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  • We saw a sleep specialist at 9 months and were told that a child waking even 6 times a night for short periods (our daughter wakes once to eat and 5-6 times for anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes and then self soothes back to sleep) is ok and normal and not alarming until after a year :(

     So you all are probably ok - doesn't help much when you are exhausted though - I know!


    (if its any help - we cut naps off at 5pm and put her to bed at 8pm and she started sleeping 100 times better - most nights this week she was up 3 times AT MOST and self soothed for 2 of them) 

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  • Mine is going to be 9 months soon and he has only STTN once.  (I can still remember waking up that blissful morning....!)  He is BF and he eats solids pretty well.  He now wakes up once a night, but we are trying to phase that out - we'll see how that goes.
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    If it's any comfort, my almost 4 yr old still doesn't sleep through the night. She sneaks out of her bed and into ours every night. I swear she's part ninja!
  • Remember that STTN is considered 5ish hours.  DS isn't close to STTN.  He still wakes up 1-2x per night to nurse.
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  • My first DD started SSTN at 6 weeks and that lasted until she was about 6 months (or maybe 9 months, can't remember) then she was up once a night. I would BF her, it was the quickest way to get her back to sleep, and she would go back to sleep the rest of the night. She started STTN again at like 12 months or something like that. She still is an awesome sleeper, still takes 3 hr naps!

    My 2nd DD on the other hand teased me and has only STTN about 3 times so far. She's still getting up 1-3 times a night. When she does "wake up" she actually is still sleeping, she sleeps through the feeding and stays sleeping when I put her back in the crib. Was seriously contemplating the CIO on her soon. What worries me is that she is so tiny, she's only 15-4 at 8 months old (10%), still wears 3-6 month clothes. I worry about taking those feedings away from her when she's been eating anywhere from once to 3 times a night and is still so small. I know, I know, they say that they do just fine once they reach 12 lbs or something like that and they don't need to eat during the night, but she gets some of her best feedings at night! We struggle with reflux with her and it can sometimes be hard. But Mommy is tired!  

  • I mostly lurk on this board, but have posted once or twice but had to respond because my DD is exactly like your DS. She still only drinks 4 oz and does not eat much when we offer solids twice a day. She also does not STTN. I don't have any advice but wanted to let you know you are not alone!

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  • My little man will be 8 months old on friday. He used to STTN, and then stopped during the 4th month wakeful. Last week he did it again and it was the most amazing thing ever. The week before he was waking every 45 minutes during the first half of the night, then every 2 hours. Hang in there momma!
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