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Super duper clingy and won't sleep!!

The past few days have been really hard on us.  Our daughter won't go to sleep because as soon as we lay her down she sits up and starts screaming.  THis is the same LO that has STTN since 12 weeks and was a super fantastic sleeper!  I am sure it's separation anxiety but we are exhausted!  THe past 2 nights she got up in the middle of the night and as soon as she was rocked back to sleep and laid in her crib she sat up and started screaming.  We ended up taking shifts sleeping w/ her on the couch.  I know it's a bad habit to start but we're just so exhausted! Any suggestions?
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Re: Super duper clingy and won't sleep!!

  • Is she sick? We went through this last week with DS and it turned out he had hand, foot and mouth and was in a lot of pain. It only lasted a few days and then he was back to normal. 
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  • We've been dealing with this the last few days. I noticed he's got molars popping up oit of his gums like crazy so I'm blaming teething. We've been alternating tylenol and advil...seems to help. Also all natural baby oragel takes the edge off. Good luck!




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    That sounds exactly like my dd. Every time I go to lay her down she gives me the death grip and starts to cry. I think it is her teeth coming in. She has been chewing on everything! 

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  • yup- we just went thru the same thing... molars were the culprit for us
  • By sleeping on the couch with her you're likely propping her up just enough that things feel better... Could be teething, could be an ear infection, could be a normal sleep regression... 

    IMO, I'd try again, but this time with some Tylenol on board, and snuggly type blanket that keeps her warm.  Seed the environment.  If she wakes up, then be right next to her and rub her back... Try a night light even because sometimes it can be just as simple as not being able to distinguish waking/sleeping states..

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  • I bet it is teeth. My DD gets super clingy when she is teething. If you think that she is teething, try giving her some ibuprofen or tylenol before bed.
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