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feeling pg while bfing

Does anyone else feel pg while bfing? I haven't had pp af but I took a few hpt to confirm not pg. I can't shake the feeling though, nausea, emotional, watery mouth...I googled and it seems like thishas happened to others. I think I might just be crazy!

Re: feeling pg while bfing

  • I haven't had this, but I hope it stops for you soon!

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  • Is it just when you're actually BFing, or a feeling that never goes away? I've heard of women who felt nauseated or anxious or depressed when their letdown happens or when baby is physically latched on. Not sure though if it is a persistent feeling that doesn't leave till they've weaned. I hope it gets better for you!
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  • I only nurse once a day and pump the rest of the time. I never experienced those symptoms while breastfeeding, but I have had nausea while pumping.

    Pregnancy never crossed my mind though. Would've been impossible since DH and I were only intimate again for the first time last night.
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  • When I was actually nursing I would get very nauseous. I think nursing really stressed me out though and that was part of it. I get very thirsty while pumping.
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  • I get super thirsty too. The pg feeling comes and goes. I'm hoping it's just a hormone thing related to bfing because it's annoying. Or maybe related to cycles coming back...
  • I have felt the same way off and on so you're not alone. I took an HPT also haha.

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  • Yes! This happens to me. The thirst especially. And weird hormonal surges. I also get a little light headed sometimes and crampy in my abdomen. I try to drink and eat as much as I can and that helps somewhat.
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  • I sometimes get nausous while BFing too.  I assumed it was the hormones.  And it would be impossible for me to be pregnant.
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  • During her morning feeds I get extremely nauseous, parched and clammy. All these I felt when we found out we were expecting but definitely not a possibility now since we haven't completed the deed.
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