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Whoo and boooo.

DS is sleeping in his pnp for the first time!!!!! It's beside my bed still, and up until now he's been sleeping in a rnp. It took a while, but he's also been sick with bronchiolitis so he's been fussy lately anyways. Also, tomorrow I go back to work... I'm completely dreading it. And to top it all off, I started my period todaytmi, sorry. I got the depo shot at 6 weeks pp, and this is the first period I've had. So far it's just spotting, and I'm hoping that's how it stays. Fairly common with the shot though I totally forgot how bad cramps suck. I foresee an emotional day tomorrow...

Re: Whoo and boooo.

  • Dude, I feel sad for you. Your son being sick is bad enough then to top it off you have to go to work? No bueno. How are you faring? I was a mess that whole week before I went back.  I hope you boy gets well soon & you have a good day tomorrow.


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  • I'm a STM, but my oldest is only 2. It's not been a great thought, but it makes it a little easier knowing my inlaws are watching them for me, And my boys love them. So I'm very blessed knowing they are going to very caring hands that love them so much. Though my hours at work suck. I'm a restaurant supervisor at a sports bar in a hotel, so my hours can range anything from 9am3am, 8 hr shifts. Today I go in at 3pm. So knowing I prob won't see my toddler when I get home tonight is killing me. I'm looking for something a little more stable in hours, but I have to keep insurance because my hubby is a bartender and in nursing school, so he doesn't have the time to work full time to keep benefits. I just have to hold out till dec when he graduates and gets benefits through the hospital. Sorry if it seems like I'm rambling, ds2 didn't fall asleep till around 2:45 because his breathing treatments make him jittery, and ds1 just woke up crying for god knows what, but he has been rediapered, fresh sippy cup of milk, and put back to bed, so I'm wide awake with about 3 hours of sleep. Ohhhhhh boy. Now it's looking like an emotional SLEEPY day... Oh, and hubby just got off work from his overnight shift at the hospital, so he'll be coming in in the next 20 mins to take a shower, eat, then fall asleep so I'm sure we'll all be wide awake by then. It all really feels like a cruel joke.
  • My doc told me you dont get your period if you are on the shot. she said to expect some light spotting around the time of your next shot.  Were you told something different?
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  • They said since its my first shot to expect some irregular bleeding/spotting... Which is all it seems to be. And I'm a little crampy, but nothing terrible. They said everything should mellow out by the next shot, but I'm not due for that till September.
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