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numbness in thigh...

I had an epidural and my thigh is still numb. Actually, towards the end of my pregnancy it was also numb. Anyone else having a similar issue? It's driving me batty.

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Re: numbness in thigh...

  • I was going to post about this same thing! The outside of my left thigh has been numb ever since the epidural wore off. It's a little better now at 4 weeks pp but it's still kind of numb. I'm interested to see btdt mom's answers to this.
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  • It took me a few days to get feeling back in my left foot after my epi. Dr. Said it was a compressed nerve from being in the stirrups. Said in normally happened to women who were pushing for a long time and thus had their legs in the stirrups for a long time. I only pushed for about 45 minutes. Mine went away in four days not four weeks, so I would maybe give the doc a call...


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    I had numbness and tingling in my left thigh for several days afterwards.  I figured it was due to swelling because my legs and feet were swollen something awful.  But the compressed nerve due to stirrups explanation makes sense as well. I pushed for 2 1/2 hrs.
  • My thigh is still numb 4 weeks later. The anesthesiologist said it could be nerve damage. It doesn't bother me enough to follow up though.
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