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Birthday question

Hello Ladies,

Im going to a 1st birthday party tomorrow and not sure what to get for my friends daughter. Any suggestions would be great! !!
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Re: Birthday question

  • I would just bring a Walmart, target or babies r us gift card. A lot of people are going to show up with toys or videos so it gives you a chance to let them pick out what they want or need
  • DS's favorites were any kind of balls.
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  • image Mrs MoJoRisin:
    DS's favorites were any kind of balls.

    Sorry. This made me chuckle.

    OP: I'm a sucker for cute kids' toys, so myself, I'd buy some random toy that was age appropriate that I think the child would like based on how well I know him/her. Also, has the mom or dad mentioned something they'd really like to get him/her but just have not had the opportunity/time/money to do so? That would be a nice gesture.


  • Another thing I often do is search for a wish list under their name at Amazon or TRU. You'd be surprised how many people have a wish list even if they don't mention it. If you find one, it can be a good guide even if you choose not to buy from it.
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  • I recently went to a first birthday party and bought the little guy a couple of books.  I knew that the family had lots of "stuff" and didn't really need more toys or clothes so thought it would be most appropriate.. 

    I found a hard paged "My First Superman Book" that he ended up loving... 



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