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Just in case you ever think about trying it....

DO NOT attempt to take four children age five and under to get portraits taken all by yourself.  It's definitely a two parent (or one parent and one grandparent) job.

It may take years for my nerves to recover from the experience......


Re: Just in case you ever think about trying it....

  • khazekhaze
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    Taking one baby to get newborn pictures done was painful enough even with my mom there helping. I would have lost my mind if I had been alone. You are brave!

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  • (((hugs)))  Wow.  Yeah, um, you are brave, my dear.
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  • You are a brave momma for doing that! I hope you got some good ones out of it.
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  • I took my cousin with me to get portraits of my 2. I know coordinating for all five of us kids in my family to get portraits was a nightmare, and the youngest was 10 at the time! 

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  • I saw a young mom (in her 30s?) at Sam's Club the other day with 6 children..all under the age of 10. I have so much respect!  She was a trooper!
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