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What's yours ? Pet /nick names & silly songs for your LOs

Now that we know our LO's a little better, and their characters are more developed, what pet name/nick name have you decided to go with? And do you have a favourite silly song or rhyme you sing to them?

Delilah is called Lala most of the time and her silly song is :-</p>

"Lala, My Lala, My Lala, ba -naaaaa-na". She always breaks into gurgles and smiles when I sing it to her.

Let's here yours if you have them :-) 



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Re: What's yours ? Pet /nick names &amp; silly songs for your LOs

  • This baby is affectionately called Birdie by everyone in the house.  It started with my oldest son nicknaming her as a fetus before we even knew she was a she and it just stuck.  I don't even think my kids know her real name.

    I also call her bebe in a ridiculous French accent sometimes.  It's really annoying.

  • I call her stinker, stinkappotomus, beautiful, sweetie.  Her middle name is Quinn so sometimes I call her Quinnie Cooper (that reference shows my age!)

    I sing "Play That Funky Music White Boy" to her everytime I change a poopy diaper, but change the lyrics to "Alex has a dirty diaper!  We have to it up!....Clean that dirty diaper all night long!" etc... DH makes fun of me relentlessly for this.

  • Her real name is Elizabeth but we haven't called her that since the week she was born. Her nickname is Libby. Other pet names we have for her are Monkey, Stinky, Pookie, and Goober. I wonder how long it will be till she knows her full name. Lol.
    As far as songs, "You are my sunshine" is my favorite one to sing to her.
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  • Our NN for Allison is babers. I like to sing Raffi's Mr. Sun song with her name. Allisun, sun, little allisun, please shine down on me.
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  • khazekhaze
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    We call our son "squirt". No songs yet!

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  • My dd1 is my love bug to me, my husband calls him GABA GABA he do not actually watch yo GABA GABA but somehow is called that, and he is called monster from my sister

    LO iSync cuddle crab because he has reflux and was colic and was always crabby for everyone but would always cuddle with me. My sister calls him munchkin, and my husband doesn't have a name for him yet

    LO's favorite songs are teddy bear by Elvis Presley= instant smiles or wheels on the bus :
  • Runt. We're animal people and right now she is the runt of our litter :) I have also taken to calling her ladybug (I called my mom lady and she called me little lady and my SO's mom called him bug... it totally wasn't an on purpose name but it works). On the less cute side I call her butter butt, bugger, baby lady, and one of her aunties calls her Fru Fru lol.
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  • Aurielle is Boo, Alyce is Monkey, Simon is Grumpybear, and James is Froggy. 
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  • image kleigh926:
    Her real name is Elizabeth but we haven't called her that since the week she was born. .

    Same here.  Elizabeth is too much name for a tiny baby, IMO.  It just doesn't feel right.  lol

  • We call him Fatty mostly :)

    Stinker, Bugger, Little Man, Baby Boy...

    He loves when I sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" 

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  • mostly we call him just E, like the letter name. Or stinky butt, bubba, or buddy.

    I Don't have one specific song yet, but he loves when we sing. He really loves when DD sings, even if its not really a song.
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  • Bug when he was an itty bitty, now it's buddy.

    We don't sing much as DH and I both have horrible singing voices. Funny story though, DS actually started laughing at me the first time I tried to sing him to sleep. THAT'S when you know your singing is bad...
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  • Lbug09Lbug09
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    My LO's name is Desmond, which is a bit formal for a baby but I think it sounds strong and masculine for an adult. So we call him Des, Desi, Desibear, Baby D, chunkers, Mr. Baby, bubba...the list goes on.
    I sing tons of made up songs all day. It doesn't matter what I'm singing...as long as I bob my head back and forth he thinks its hilarious. Bonus if my hair is in a bun on the top of my head because it flops around...that really gets him going!
  • We've most been calling her Peanut Face lately. Or Little Sweetie Peanut Face.

    She gets a kick out of the song "Scurvy" by Captain Bogg and Salty, I have a whole routine where I bounce her on my knee, then when they get to "Eat a lime!" [and "Watch 'em fly!" for the cannonballs, " Dance a jig!" for peg legs and "You'd better share!" for rum] I lift her high in the air and she giggles hysterically. It's so cute.

  • I call her Lil Miss T. DH calls her T Marie. My friends call her Sweet T or Cup of T. It's quite ridiculous. We rarely use her name. As for songs, we haven't made up any but DH sings Bohemian Rhapsody to her. It actually calms her down when she's upset.
  • Peapod is used a lot. We sing I want to be your personal penguin. It is also a book.

  • LolaJrLolaJr
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    His name is Everett but we have a million other names...

    The latest is 'Jammy Boy' which evolved from wearing 'jammies' and now it's simply 'Jammer'. We call him Evvie, Baby boy, baby boo, muffin bear, angel bear. I'd barf if I heard someone else use such names!

    I put his name in so many songs, I add the dogs name to it too. Today I sang the theme to 'The Brady Bunch' using their names. Lame, and totally blackmail material if caught on tape!

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  • a&amp;s05a&s05
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    We plan to call our DD by her full name, Alexandra. For her pet names we call her baby, baby girl, my girl, cutie, cutie beauty.

    She likes when I sing "do do do do, ah ah ah ah" got her first real out loud laugh from that. I also started singing from birth a song from an SNL skit lol "ooooweeeee what's up with that what's up with that...."
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  • DS is named Boden, but we mostly call him Bo. I call him BooBoo (like "hey Yogi"), and Booger. Poor guy. If I do sing to him, I sing the lady who swallowed a fly. His favourite part is the spider that wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her. He has the most fun when I reveal his tummy during a diaper change and say "where's your belly?"

    Funny enough, I have a horse named Tora who I call Tora Bora and her son Harlow that I call Harlow Barlow. I guess I haven't come up with any silly repetitive names for DS because his name already starts with a B.   

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  • Our son's name is Merlin. His nicknames are Mer-Dog or Bud. I have a few goofy songs that we both get a kick out of.

    Ol' McMerlin had a Farm (for some reason this song has calmed him down since he was about a week old so we just go with it), I'm too Smiley for my Bink, and I'm a Little Teapot for when he is poopy with the words 'I'm a little Merlin short and stout. Here is my tummy, here is my snout. When I get all stinky, here me shout. Change my diaper and throw it out!" Another favorite is "You ain't nothin' but a Merlin, cryin' all the time" when he's fussy. 

    A song I don't change the lyrics to but I sing and dance around the room with him is "22" from Taylor Swift. He loves the "I don't about about you" part and gets this huge grin. 

  • image kleigh926:
    As far as songs, "You are my sunshine" is my favorite one to sing to her.

    i sing this to DD all the time, too! Since she was brand new. :). I also like to play the radio and make my own lyrics to songs on the radio about her. Most recent lyric change is the Daft Punk song "Get Lucky" and when he sings "we're up all night to get lucky" I sing "we're gonna go to sleep early". This song kept coming on the bathroom radio during bath time and it was my awful attempt at making her get tired. And a way to soothe my fried nerves from the ever-so-wonderful 4 month wakeful. 

     For names, we call her all sorts of things. Little Mama, O, Ophie, my gramma calls her Poppy (no clue why but I love it), bug, booger, stinker, sweetness, baby K (she looks just like dad). Her name is Ophelia.

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  • DD's name is Blair but most of the time we call her bear. DH calls her grizzly bear because she grunts and growls but her auntie insists she's honey bear. I also call her Monka short for monkey

    I have a ton of made up silly songs but everyone's favorite is "gotta put the lotion" everytime I lotion her up.
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  • We call him Bean. I have no idea how it started. It just popped out of my mouth one day and stuck. Maybe because he's like a little string bean, long and lean. I have a few songs I adding to him, but he usually enjoys the one I made up that hours along to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:

    Connor, Connor Ryan Bean I actually use our last name here
    How I wonder what you'll be
    A doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, maybe
    As long as you are happy
    Connor, Connor Ryan Bean, how I wonder what you'll be...

  • Her name is Essyx and we call her Six, but I also call her Bubbie. That has transformed from calling her bubbles when she was 2 mos old. I sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider to her and she goes wild. She loves to be tickled and when I'm done with the song, she kicks all over and grabs and hits her stomach wanting more.
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  • Out babygirl is Mackenzie. We call her a million names. Mackenzie jade her
    Full name Kenzie, kenz, MJ, Mackenz, Pookie, Pookie duke, babygirl.
    She loves head shoulder knees and toes.
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