January 2014 Moms

Since I've been lurking around here anyway

I suppose I may as well intro. Smile

Hi everyone! I'm car seat. I'm officially due February 8th, but it looks like both twins have decided to stick around (*knock on wood*) so we're realistically expecting to meet the uterus bears in January. I'm 9w6d today and this morning my RE officially put referred me to 'the twin whisperer' (top twin OB in the area) following my NT scan on the 29th. WHOA.

We have a 2.5-year-old daughter from our first IVF and these twins are here after another 4 IVFs and 5 FETs, with a lot of failure and loss in there. We're still kind of shocked, and staying cautious until after our NT scan (we had a bad NT scan last year that led to a second tri loss), but things look just as they should this time, so we're hopeful. :)

Looking forward to getting to know you all a little more! It seems like a great group on this board.


Re: Since I've been lurking around here anyway

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