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The time has come...

I will be returning to work on Monday after being off since December 7th.  Every time I think about it all I want to do is cry.  I've been through so much this year and I've spent every day watching my precious daughter develop and grow and now I feel like I will be leaving her to be raised by someone else.  I know everyone says the anticipation of the return is harder than actually returning, but it sucks.  It like REALLY sucks! I will say that Lacee is going to be watched by a retired family friend and will be the only kid (besides her grandson she watches from time to time) and so I know she will be in good hands and well taken care of. My H keeps saying that it will be a "break" for me to go back to work and half the time I want to throat punch him when he says that ;) I'm off to make my daycare list and probably cry a little.  I just needed to vent to people who understand.

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Re: The time has come...

  • ((hugs))
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  • hugs!
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  • My hubby used to say the same thing and it really irritated me. And I know it's been said before but the anticipation really is the worst part I promise. Try not to let the anticipation ruin your remaining time off.


  • I'm sure it will be hard...have a good cry...or two or three...it will get easier!

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  • I returned to work 6 weeks ago and the one thing that helped me was running late! I had no time to lay in bed and cry over not being home with my baby boy. When it was time for me to go I made it short and sweet! Cried a little on my way to the car then turned my music up as I jammed to work! I was unable to do this when I was with Chris because of his delicate little ears. FOR ME the first week was easier...it's gotten more difficult with time. Since I've been back I've been late to work 95% of the time. Best of luck to you and we're here! Message me if you need support. One thing I can tell you is, it's NICE having a lunch break and being able to sit down for one full hour and finish my meal while it's still hot! Then when I pull up in the drive way and walk in and see my son it is by far THE best feeling!
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  • I went back to work about 6 weeks ago as well.

    I will tell you that getting a paycheck every 2 weeks makes me feel good. I feel like it is ok to buy myself something every now and then now where while I was not working [I took 7 mos mat leave] I was worried more about our finances.

    It is hard to try and fit "both jobs" into 1 day but you will fall into a routine. Heck we are still working on one ourselves.

    It will also help to have someone close watching your LO. My mom watches R and that helps a lot. She sends me pics all day long which also helps.

    Not sure if you ebf and plan to pump, but this is the hardest thing for me. Just trying to fit it into the workday and stressing if I don't think I will make enough milk for her for the next day.

    I wish you luck and send you hugs. Let us know how your day goes!
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