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kawaii goodnight heavy wetter pockets

Anyone use these? Any reviews?

Re: kawaii goodnight heavy wetter pockets

  • We used them when we switched to CD.  I used them on my two year old and they were great, but he's not a heavy wetter.  I tried them on my extremely heavy wetting (then) 5 month old and got leaks every time.  I couldn't stuff them enough to meet his absorbency and not get gapping legs.

  • I liked them a lot for my 2.5 yo while they still fit. I've never used microfiber inserts though. I use a combo of bamboo and hemp overnight.
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  • I currently used them with bamboo inserts for my heavy wetting 5 month old for overnights, but I dislike how bulky they are.
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  • I used them for a few months overnight. They worked, but were bulky. I think I'll combine MF with bamboo or hemp if I start using them again. We've been using up some left over sposies from traveling recently.
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  • We use them every night! Every now and then we get a leak but otherwise they work great. It took a looong time for them to fit DS though and sometimes I still can't get the gap by his thighs to go away.

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  • We have to triple stuff them and I have to mess with the snaps to get the right combo to not have gaping. I actually started triple stuffing my other diapers for night and use the GNHWs double stuffed as a daytime diaper now.

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