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How many oz of solids per day?

I just read a post on 6-9 months and now I think I might be giving DD too much. She LOVES her purees, we use 4 oz jars and she clears one of them every time, sometimes she'll still be hungry and want more. She's had almost 2 jars of solids at one time. We're not forcing them, she is hungry and just loves her solids. Should I restrict her to a certain amount? How much is your LO eating?
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Re: How many oz of solids per day?

  • I have no advice because I feel the same way about my LO but I am interested to see responses.  LO gets about 3oz a day right now only because we have restricted her to that.  I believe she would totally eat more.

  • I give DD about 1.5 oz 2 times a day so she gets about 3oz of solids a day. Plus oatmeal cereal and she is tiny and only weighs 13lbs
  • DS is getting 2 OZ of fruit with about 2 TBSP of cereal for breakfast and then 2 OZ of a veggie and 2 TBSP of cereal for dinner. However, starting this weekend, I am cutting out the second serving of cereal and am probably going to do just 3-4 OZ of a veggie instead for dinner.
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  • I replied to the 6-9 months too. We do 1 oz twice a day for now but soon we'll up it to a full container twice a day and then probably add a third feeding.

    I forgot to mention in the AM's with an ounce of fruit we also do a tablespoon of oatmeal. I started oatmeal first to test DS's tongue thrust and he liked it so well I just thought I'd finish the container. I don't plan on buying any more after it's gone...I'll just feed him more purees. 

    I really don't think there are any quantity rules...DS would have taken more a week ago if I would have let him but I wanted his little body to get used to digesting and expelling the solids. So we are just going a little slow with it. He has a good appetite and will probably eat us out of house and home the remaining 18 years! LOL! 

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    we just started on Weds so he is only getting 1 oz twice a day, and I offer him 2 oz of water with it...he probably actually eats .5 oz each time and .5 oz of water.
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  • im interested in knowing this too!
  • OK a question to add onto this... for those of you with big solid eaters and EBF, have you seen a decrease in breast feeding?  My DD is barely taking solids yet and already I feel like she is nursing less.  Just wondering if you guys have seen an impact.
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  • We offer 1oz once a day right now. He is interested in solids and likes eating (he squeals when I put him in his high chair at the dining room table for dinner!) but he is far more interested in drinking 30oz of formula a day so I figure he will tell me when he wants more solids! We also just started a week ago so he's still experimenting and getting used to it. 
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  • I only give DD 2 ounces of solids a day. 1 in the morning & 1 at night. She would absolutely eat more if I offered but milk should still be the vast majority of her diet.
  • DD gets 2 tbsp of oatmeal in the mornings, 2.5 oz of fruits and veggies at lunch, and 1.25 oz of fruit or veggies at dinner. She's a piggy, and would eat more if we gave it to her, but I want to make sure that she isn't getting too full, and that she is getting all the milk she needs.
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  • DS gets 1-1.5oz of solids at night.  I just use his cues to let me know how much is enough and when he is done.  Starting last week at 5.5 mo, we feed him fruit or veggie purees everyday with some oatmeal mixed in every other day.  I suppose we could eat in the morning, too, but I view solids at this age as an exploration of taste, texture, and routine than caloric necessity.  This is a question I was planning on asking at his 6mo check up, though, so I'm interested to see what the rest of you do.
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  • DD gets half a jar of fruit with cereal for breakfast and then for dinner half a jar of meat, half a jar of veggies and half a jar of fruit for dessert.
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    I only give DD 2 ounces of solids a day. 1 in the morning & 1 at night. She would absolutely eat more if I offered but milk should still be the vast majority of her diet.

    This is exactly what I do and what all of my baby food books have said too.  Here is some great info for you :)  http://www.babycenter.com/0_age-by-age-guide-to-feeding-your-baby_1400680.bc

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