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If you use a babysitter only occasionally?

If you use a babysitter occasionally, do you contact them the day before or the day of to confirm?

I recently started using a new girl a few times, and each time I get the urge to contact her to confirm.  The one time that it had been a while since I had talked to her, she actually texted me to confirm the day/time 2 days before, which was awesome.  I just feel like if I do contact her, she's going to think I don't trust her or something (seriously, she was just here on Wed., when I asked if she was available tonight, and she said yes).  But here I am feeling like we're going to prep the kids on her coming and putting them to bed, get all dressed up to go out (it's our anniversary) and she'll just not show up.  


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Re: If you use a babysitter only occasionally?

  • A lot of times I'll send a quick text and just say something like, "hi! Wanted to see if you could make it at 4:00 tomorrow". I think they appreciate it as well.
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    Yeah, since you asked her in person I would just send a text saying something like "the kids are so excited to see you again today at 4, see you then!"

    and egg her house if she doesn't show. :) 

  • If it was Wednesday this week and you are expecting her tonight, I would expect that she remember. I would not contact her unless she has a history of not coming.  In which case, I would not be using her. :)
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  • I think a text is an easy and unobtrusive way to confirm. Just a quick, casual message wouldn't be overkill or insulting.
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  • Yeah, I didn't text, and she didn't show =(.

    I called her when she was 15 minutes late, and she had completely forgot (with lots of excuses).  She offered to still come, but she would have had to bring her 12 year old sister with her, and at that point I was already starving and in a bad mood, so I said no.  

    I definitely should have just checked in.  We ended up getting take out, but we were really looking forward to a night out.  Oh well.

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  • I use sitters regularly and I almost always confirm with a text: "hi just confirming that we are still on for you to babysit daughter this Thursday starting at 6 PM. Thx!"

    I can't imagine why Anyone would be put off by this message.
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