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Losing my hair!

This is my second baby, I never had anything like this with my DD. I just keep losing hair!!! Like a lot!!! I don't want to be bald lol. I'm almost 7 weeks. Anyone else??

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Re: Losing my hair!

  • Yep, I have super thick hair to begin with, mine gets finer with pregnancy. Dh is getting annoyed as I have super long hair and its everywhere.. My brush looks like I've never cleaned it after a brief comb through.

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  • I've been noticing that my hair's been falling out more, too. I'm hoping this is a short-term thing, since last time I was pregnant my hair got thicker and then fell out after I gave birth.



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  • Yes, yes, yes!  When I wash my hair, my hands are full of hair!  I remember AFTER having DS a lot of my hair fell out and my OB said it from hormone changes.  So I assume it's for the same reason DURING pregnancy.  Hope I don't go bald either!
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