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Rewards at work NBFR

So this client at work was really wearing on my nerves. The last couple of weeks at work have been obscenely crazy! I mean coming home from work and passing out on the couch, blood sugar and iron bottoming out crazy. I have been in no mood for crazy pet owners or eccentric ''rescue operators'' lately.

So anywau, this client is really grating on my nerves. I am doing my best to bend over backwards to her insane requests, like finding out why her dog is having trouble getting around even though is only 17 years old and was born with a degenerative bone disease, telling her, ''Yes, you can wait in the lobby while your dog is anesthetized for this procedure and I'll give you step by step updates,'' and finding out just why at 17 years old he might be having trouble going to the bathroom.

And at the end of it all, she thanked me so sincerely for taking so much time with her even though she could see how terribly busy we were and how I had 12 different things on my plate and an armful of charts to tend to on my own. She really thanked me so sincerely for putting up with her, as she out it, crazy and overexaggerated concerns.

Honestly, that made all the time and effort I put into this one patient when I had dozens more waiting worth it. Even if there was nothing wrong with this dog. It made a difference to this woman. And I felt ashamed that I let my job to tend to her most insignificant needs get on my nerves.

I really do love my job. Most of the time, even after 8 years, I can still keep up the compassion and empathy. But sometimes it is hard not to let the routine drown out the purpose.

No real point to this other than it has made me very happy today.

P.S. If this doesn't make much sense, I am the surgery technician at a very busy walkin veterinary practice. This patient started out as a normal 30 minute dental cleaning and ended up taking from 8am to just a few minutes ago at 12 noon.

Re: Rewards at work NBFR

  • I am stuck on thirty minute dental. I just dropped big money on a dental and it was loooong. She did have extractions though.

    As a crazy dog owner I always make sure to warn the techs that I am completely irrational, will cry if I have to leave them there for any reason and that I am sorry for acting a fool. I seriously sobbed when I dropped ruby off for her dental. Like ugly snot cried. So thank you for being kind to the crazies!!!
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