XP: EP Questionnaire

EP Questions: 

1. How old is your LO?

2. How much are you pumping each time?

3. What's your pumping schedule?

4. Did your schedule change if you are back to work?


Thanks! :) 


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Re: XP: EP Questionnaire

  • EP Questions: 

    1. How old is your LO? 6 1/2 months

    2. How much are you pumping each time? first pump of the day 16oz, all other pumps 6 to 7oz

    3. What's your pumping schedule?

    currently i pump: 

    wake up pump 5:30am - 16oz

    9 am pump  -6 or 7oz

    1 pm pump 6 or 7oz

    5 pm pump 6 or 7oz

    9 pm pump 6 or 7oz

    4. Did your schedule change if you are back to work?

    i was pumping every two hours at first, round the clock. but when my DS stared sleeping thru the night i did too! so it was every two hours during the day and not at night.

    when i returned to work (i work 7-3) i was pumping when i woke up at 5, then on my way to work, at 9am at 11am and at 2pm then again when i got home at 4pm 6pm and 8pm.

    i gradually started cutting back to every three hours, cutting out the driving pumping first, now i'm at every four hours.


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  • 1.  3.5mo

    2. pump roughly 1.7oz per hour I go between sessions, so usually 12-18oz

    3. I pump 3x a day, 7am (16-18oz), 2pm (12-14oz), & 10pm (13-15oz)

    4. I work for super small company, so no maternity leave.  I returned to work 3 days after having each baby!  I did pump 6x a day to begin with, then worked my way down.  Will drop to 2x in about 6 weeks and wean off completely in about 9 weeks, baby will be 6mo.  I have a HUGE stash in freezer, about 300 6oz bags, so DS will be on BM for at least 8mo of his life.  Did the same for DS #1 and it worked out well. 

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  • I just dropped from 6 pumps a day to 4 over the past month (and I'm getting a ton more btw).  I don't keep a strict schedule.  I pump when I get up between 5-6:30 and I get roughly 11oz.  Then I pump around 11/12 (6-7oz), 4/5 (6-70oz) and 8/9 (6-7oz).  LO is 5 months and I go back to work in 2 weeks.  My plan is to pump while getting ready (this may be overly ambitious), pump once at work, in the car on the way home, and right before bed.
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    LO is 12 weeks.
    I pump 5 x a day
    6am 1216 oz
    1000 11 oz
    2 pm 9 oz
    6 pm 9oz
    10 pm 10 oz.

    Started out with 7 ppd at birth and cut back to 6 at 8 weeks then 5 with my return to work this week. Plan to stop to 4 ppd in another month. I EPed with DD and maintained this same schedule. Dropped to 3 ppd at 6 mo and 2 ppd at 9 no. Stopped at 11 mo with enough freezer stash to get her to 13 mo. I have a mad freezer stash now as DS only takef 20 to 24 oz a day and I get between 50 up 60 oz.

  • LO is 10 1/2 months. 

    Just dropped another session, starting the weaning process to be done by 1 year.

    3 pumps a day. First pump - 2am - 15 oz. Second pump - 11 am - 8 oz. Third pump - 6 pm - 8 oz.

    SAHM. Started off by pumping every 2-3 hours. Then went to 3-4 hours after 12 weeks. Then went to 4-5 hours after 6 months. Now down to 3 pumps a day. 


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