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Best carrier for super short people?

I'm 5'...well, technically 4'11", but don't tell Wink

 I love the look of the Ergo, but I'm thinking it might be a bit too much for me?  Would the Beco Gemini be better? 


Thoughts appreciated! =)

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Re: Best carrier for super short people?

  • I'm 5' and a 1/2"  (those 1/2 inches are important you know.)

    I have an ergo and I found that it works for me. Pretty much everything is as small as it can go though.

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  • I'm 5'2" and we use the beco soleil. I love it! It's comfortable and highly adjustable. My 5'1" DH uses it too without any problems.
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  • I'm 5'1", have the Ergo and love it. It's easily adjusted. Can't speak for the other brand though as I've never tried it. 

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    I got a K'Tan and I love it.  The reason I got it was because it came in sizes, and went down to an XS.  I tried on other slings and they were way too big.  Would like to get an Ergo or something similar too.
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  • I'm 5'0''. When DS was a baby I tried a mei tai, the ergo, ring sling, and moby wrap. The moby is great, but I only used it for the newborn stage. I wasn't personally a fan of the Ergo. It felt too bulky on my small frame. The mei tai is my favorite because since you use straps to tie it and you can fold the waistband inward if it is too long on you, it is also pretty adaptable for petite mamas. I also liked it because it was one I could use whether he was a teeny tiny baby or a toddler. I'm expecting another little one really soon and ordered a mei tai baby brand carrier.
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  • In terms of soft-structured carriers, a Beco tends to be preferred among people under 5'2 over an Ergo (me, included). That said, woven wraps give a custom fit every time, so they can work for any body size and shape. There is an initial steep learning curve, but it pays off in versatility. Mei Tais and ring slings also have more versatility, though not as much as a woven wrap. So much is about personal preference and wearing goals that trying out a babywearing meeting is a great option:,

  • A mei tai or a woven wrap. Absolutely can be for any size size.  No buckles to dig in anywhere.  

    I recommend the Kozy mei tai. It will work for all ages newborn to as big as you want to carry. 

    OR the didymos wrap.  Also for all ages. I like the long ones. You can find them on sale sometimes. They are thinner than some others and the knot is smaller.  

  • Hey Mama! I am 4'11" too! I found that our Ergo was way to big for us and he sat to low on my back for my liking. I had better luck with a Boba, but I found Tulas pretty late in the game and got a Toddler size Tula for DS and we love it! If I had to buy a soft structure for this next LO I would look into a standard size Tula before purchasing a Boba again. DH and I both found that it wasn't as diggy as our Boba. However, I found that I could always get a custom fit with a woven wrap, but there is a learning curve. I ended up wrapping my DS most of the time instead of using our SSC. Now since it is so large I do used our Tula and LOVE it! 


    Do you have a local babywearing group or natural parenting store that carries the brand in your area where you try on SSC? It really is a good idea to try on the carrier before purchasing. 



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  • I'm 5' and have very narrow shoulders. I love my Babyhawk mei tai and Ergo Performance. Hate the regular Ergo. The straps on the Performance aren't as wide and bulky so it felt comfortable on my shoulders. I felt like the straps on the regular Ergo were always slipping off - they weren't, but they were just jutting out past my shoulders and I found it very annoying.
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  • cpmichcpmich
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    Consider a Tula or a Bloo Kangaroo Kanga with straps that cinch to extra petite.
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