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Fish salmon safe to eat?? Ive heard to steer clear of fish in general
Because of mercury...but on another pregnancy app they say salmon is a super food for pregnancy. Thoughts?

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  • I think as long as it's cooked all the way through and you aren't living on only salmon that it's safe to eat. Moderation is key. 
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  • You want to avoid fish that have high mercury levels, like marlin, mackerel, swordfish, some tuna, and have limited quantities of moderate mercury fish, like sea bass, tuna (canned) etc.

    Fish like salmon have low mercury levels. 2 servings per week is fine.

    More info here: ;

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  • I read its one of the best foods for developing baby brain only eat 12 Oz per week though (3 3oz servings) those omega 3s are good!
  • My doc actually told me to eat 2 servings of low mercury fish per week during my last pregnancy. You can find lists online of which types of fish have low/med/high mercury content. I think salmon is fine
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  • My doctor recommends eating 2 servings of fish a week or making sure you're prenatal has DHA in it.  Fish is good for brain development.  Like a PP said, you just have to be aware of mercury content.
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  • I was told salmon was ok. It's not on the mayo clinics list of high mercury fish and wild caught salmon is even better for the dha

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