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Help with long car trip entertainment

We are going from VA to Ohio for a long weekend vacation next weekend.  It is a 10-11 hour drive.  DS is 20 months and I do not have high hopes of him traveling well.  What can I do to keep him entertained?  Car does not have a DVD player or any TV.  I am thinking kids CD's, a few new small toys and books, but I really need more ideas!  I am 35 weeks pregnant, so we will be stopping often for me to walk/pee, so we will let him run and play for a few minutes every stop too.  Please help!

Re: Help with long car trip entertainment

  • We do long car rides often... I try to keep her "on schedule" as much as I can. For example, when its naptime, I stop playing/entertaining her, and usually she will cry a little or whine etc but after a few minutes will go to sleep. So definitely foster that and don't freak out that you need to be entertaining theENTIRE time youre in the car. Also, if you have a smart phone or iPod or any device like that, I don't have a car DVD player you can download some movies/shows before hand and give him that to watch. I usually wait til I've tried EVERYTHING else before giving her that since its a sure fire way to keep her occupied. Also make sure you download a lock app for the screen and buttons otherwise you'll jist hear "uh oh, uh oh" from the back seat lol
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  • Besides the new toys, music, snacks, stops, etc. the biggest thing is not assuming it is going to be awful. If you expect the worst, that's what will happen. Have a positive attitude. For a drive that long I'd leave early in the AM - like 4 or 5, hope that he sleeps a bit longer and have the first stop be breakfast. I'd probably stop 3 times if we could manage it - no more than 30-45 min a piece. Nothing is worse than dragging out the trip. 

    Hopefully after lunch he'll be ready for a nap.  

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  • What is the name of the lock app that you use?
  • Could you purchase a portable DVD player?

    We try our best to travel only at night. Not ideal, but we have really bad car seat riders.


  • image Kthorson16:
    What is the name of the lock app that you use?

    Its called "lock any app screen" on android
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    Eliza born 1-25-12
    Baby 2 EDD 7-18-14
  • when we went to the beach last year my MIL bought a bunch of small toys/books at the Dollar store and Thrift Store and wrapped them up.  Every hour or so she'd open one and he would play with it and even though he was only 8 months at the time, I thought it was a great idea.

    You could try something like that, the novelty of "new" things might help keep him entertained. 

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