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Help - Have baby and dog and ants!

how to i get ride of ants?  are ant traps ok?  I don't specifically know where the ants are coming from.  :(
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Re: Help - Have baby and dog and ants!

  • I've heard that cinnamon will repel them.  A friend sprinkled some on all their windowsills...


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  • Cinnamon is a natural repellent, but you should figure out where they are coming from and put the cinnamon there. On the outside of the house you could use a less natural option, but I wouldn't do ant traps inside. We had ants this summer too, and with a lot of cleaning, vacuuming, and the cinnamon they disappeared.
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  • We've always had luck with Grants Ant Stakes. All the pesticide is contained in the stake and the ants crawl in, eat it, and then crawl back to wherever their nest is, and it kills of the whole colony. And unlike the sprays, you don't end up with a surface full of dead ants to clean up. 

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  • I would call an exterminator just to make sure it gets done in one shot.
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  • A few months ago someone on here suggested cinnamon.  We cleaned up what they were getting into (recycling), vacummed, and put cinnamon down around the hole they were coming in.  They never came back.  We found another spot with some ants a month later, put cinnamon down, they never came back either.  The only drawback I'd we have two little mounds of cinnamon on the floor in our kitchen and dining room.
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