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Good morning, all.

So, when I was pregnant and crib shopping I chose a convertible mini crib to save a little money and space in my already too small house.   Now I think I'm regretting that decision.  The crib just seems so small for DD.  She wiggles around more in there than any place else she sleeps and will somehow literally turn 45 degrees during the night.  When I put her to bed I also place her closer to the back of her crib because I know she'll just wind up in the front at some point with her little arms sticking through the slats.  Usually, she sleeps all sprawled out with her arms thrown up over her head and legs still bent froggy style.  It's also really hard to find sheets that fit well in a mini.

Did anyone else go with a mini?  If so, have you had any issues or are you happy with your choice?  TIA!

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  • Just wanted to say that we have a full-sized crib and our DS also does the things that you describe.... He almost always turns 90 degrees to be sideways, and by morning he is always at the bottom on the crib. One night he even woke up crying at like 4 am because his leg was through the crib slats. So I don't think it's necessarily because of the size of your crib... I think babies just move around more in there as they get older. As long as your baby is sleeping well in there despite moving around, I'm sure she's fine!


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  • We have a mini for DD and she is doing the same thing. I put her to sleep one way and I wake up and she has completed a three quarter turn. Sometimes she gets her arm through the slats, sometimes a leg. I just have to make sure I check on her frequently. It helps that the crib is in a section of our room so I can help her easily if she needs it. Overall, I'm pleased with it. We are planning on buying a house later this year so we'll see how things go until then! 

    For the sheets, I wasn't too thrilled with the selection so I made 7 sheets myself. I did flannel and used a simple online tutorial with a bit of tweaking for the thicker mattress we bought. 

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  • I don't know if it's the same but we use a portable crib, which is a mini crib, at my MIL's house.  The sheets I put on it are for the PNP.  They fit perfect on the mattress.  Worth a shot GL
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