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***What went well this week?***

DS is working towards sitting unassisted! He can only do it for a few seconds and is still a bit"shlumpy" but is getting there!

His chattiness seems to have increased again. He used to be very vocal and then it slowed while he was working on other milestones, but the last few days we have had terrific conversations!

We are off on an adventure today to meet another Feb. mama! (Just hope he does well in the car like he did for our Cape trip! ::fingers crossed::) 


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Re: ***What went well this week?***

  • kitevkitev
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    E is starting to reach for whoever she wants to go too. She'll hold her arms up when I go to pick her up and if H is holding her and I put my hads out to take her, she'll reach for me. Makes my heart melt.
    And she's almost crawling! She can get her knees under her and she wobbles a little bit but all she can do so far is go backwards. It's a start!
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  • Making DD laugh hysterically until she just couldn't take it anymore was my highlight! :)
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  • Dd had 2 nights where sh only woke up once to nurse! She hasn't done that in weeks. Maybe we are easing our way out of the 4 month wakeful period. Or she was just pooped from being at church every night for vbs. Either way it was great.
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