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440 am

...is the time my DD has woken up the past week. I am dying. She had always been an early riser but this is ridiculous. I have tried moving her bedtime back from 630 to 730 and her sleep got worse and add in the wonder week this week and now it is a habit. To make it worse I work evenings all weekend so maybe fall asleep by one. what time do you put your LO to bed and did I not give her enough time to adjust to the later time? I need help, four am is insane.
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  • I have no help because we're in a similar boat and also need help breaking wake habits.  DS added a wake up around 12-1am, kept his usual 3-4am nursing, AND is also waking up around 5:30-6am wanting to nurse but usually goes back to sleep until 7:30-8am.  I'm fine with the 3am feed, IF it isn't sandwiched like this.  
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  • Ugh, does she go back down at least?  DD goes down around 7:30 and wakes up to eat between 2-4 (used to STTN before the 4 month wakefulness period).  But she'll go back down until 7 or 8am.  Today however she was up at 5:30 ready to get the day started. 

    Hang in there mama!  Hope you get a good nap in at least.

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  • No, she normally would nurse at four something and go back down till five thirty but now she won't at all. We get up for ninety minutes then back down for a mini nap until seven and then up until her real nap at nine. It sucks so so so bad.
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  • Last month DS would wake between 5:45 and 6am...which was great for us...when he started sleeping on his belly a few weeks ago he would sleep in until 6:30 sometimes 7:30am. But since he was sick all this week he is waking up around 4:30am and not going back to bed...uhg. Coffee is my friend...and I go to be at like 8pm lately. IT BLOWS!

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