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Flying w baby and toddler, help!

Next weekend we are going to Aruba for vacation, thankfully ill have help but any tips, tricks or advice anyone has for traveling with a baby and or a 2 year old? I'm not bringing a car seat just umbrella stroller for lo, I don't know what I can bring to occupy her!? If I have room in suitcase I will throw in playmat otherwise I have no clue!
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Re: Flying w baby and toddler, help!

  • You mean to occupy your 2 yo or your baby? We'll be flying to the US (1.5 hour flight + 8.5 hour flight + 3 hour car drive) in September, and I honestly am not giving much thought on how to entertain DD2. I assume she'll be interested in everything going on around her. DD1, on the other hand, I'm a little more concerned about. I'm planning on finding some apps for DH's tablet that she can play, we're starting to buy new books/toys that are on sale so we can introduce them on the plane, etc.

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  • I have no advice, I'm just here to say I'm super jealous! We love love love aruba and go every year. We skipped it this year because I didn't know how DD would do there re naps and the sun. I can't wait to go back. Have fun!!!!

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  • Yes things for kids to do during flights and or what can I bring for lo to do at hotel. She loves her play mat and reaching/ grabbing things but not sure I can really bring our mat.
    We love ARuba, try and go often but haven't been since kids, my parents go every year, I can't wait just worried about travel and sleeping arrangements but should be lots of fun!!
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  • You'll be fine. Flying with both baby and 2-year-old was far easier than flying with a 1.5-year-old who was sharing my seat. 
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    For the two year old, I hate to say it, but electronic were my friend when flying with a 2 year old. Of course that will only carry you so long. I like sticker books with coloring pages a lot. Treats that aren't too sticky or messy. If potty training I would do a pull up just in case so you don't have to worry about changing wet pants. The baby is easier. Honestly a few rattles, or my LO love his taggies blanket, and a binkie if they take it. 

    Good luck, and have fun! 

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