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ultrasound poll

Hey all! I was just wondering when everyone is having or has had their first ultrasound ? Mine isn't until 20 weeks.

Re: ultrasound poll

  • I had one at 8 weeks after being punched in the stomach by a student (I teach middle school) and my NT scan.

    If I didn't want a NT scan and didn't get punched I would only have one at 20 weeks. I don't think I could've waited thanks to PGaL brain.

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  • I haven't had mine yet kinda jealous of all who have a girl at lunch announced she was pregnant today with ultrasound pictures...and she's due a month after!

    I'll schedule mine at my next dr apt which is in two weeks so I assume I'm about 6 weeks away from my first one which will put me at 19/20 weeks
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  • I've had complications, so I've already had four [I'm 11 weeks]. Before my SCH diagnosis, my first u/s was scheduled for 7 weeks, with my a/s at 18 weeks.

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  • My first u/s is at 12 1/2 weeks. That's when they do my IPS testing and blood work. Can't come soon enough! Still have 1 1/2 weeks to go!
  • My RE does ultra sounds at 7 weeks before releasing to OB, so I had one then.  Next one isn't till anatomy scan.
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  • I have had one just because of complications.
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  • I had a dating u/s done when I was just under 9 weeks. I had no idea when my LMP was, so she wanted to see how far along I was.

    I'm not doing the NT scan since insurance doesn't cover it. So I won't be having my next one until sometime in August. I have my next appt August 9th and she said we'd schedule for the a/s then. 

    But we might do an elective u/s prior to that since DH cannot wait to find out the sex of LO. 

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  • I had one at 7 weeks and I had my n/t on Wednesday.  I'll have my a/s at 18 weeks

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  • I've had two at my two OB appointments. I'll have another at my next appointment and then my AS. I probably won't have any after that unless there's a problem.
  • Around 20 weeks, as well.... Are you on tricare by chance?
  • I had one at 7 1/2 weeks because physical exam felt like I was not as far along as lmp had me (8 1/2) and doppler wasn't picking up hb.  Normally I wouldn't have had one until the NT scan at 12/13 weeks.
  • My RE did one at 6w5d before releasing me and I just had my second one today due to some spotting. 
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  • I'll have my first one during my Integrated Prenatal Screening on Monday at 12 wks 1 day. FX everything goes well, because it will be our first time even getting to hear the heartbeat!

    After that, I only get one more between 18-22 wks for an anatomy scan. 

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  • ach298ach298
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    I've had 2 so far.

    My OB office does an U/S to confirm so I had that one at 8 weeks and then I chose to do the NT scan so I had that at 11 weeks. Next scan is at 20 weeks. 

    With my first I had 4: The NT scan twice (my dating was off, so the baby was too small to get the measurements they needed the first time so I had to come back the next week), the anatomy scan, and then my doctor ordered another u/s at 38 weeks since I was measuring ahead.  


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  • I've had 3 - dating at 9 weeks, NT at 11w6d and repeat NT at 13w5d. I'll have at least 3 more, including 2 fetal echocardiograms and the anatomy scan. We've had complications, though, so I'm considered high risk for now.

    Honestly, I would give anything to only need 2 like last pregnancy...


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  • I had a dating US around 7 weeks, and then the nurse couldn't find the heart beat at my 10 week appt so I got a quick freebie US then, and today I had my NT scan. I will have my Anatomy Scan around 19 or 20 weeks and then another US sometime after that to check growth I believe. 

    It was amazing to see the baby today. I have a two year old, so it hasn't been that long since I did this before but the technology has advanced a ton in such a short period of time, I loved seeing the baby so clear today.  

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  • Since I have a uterine defect and am high risk, I have had three. I will have another one in two weeks, and every four weeks there after. The only good thing about having a defect and being so high risk is getting to see the baby so much!
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  • What is tricare? I'm assuming no since I have no idea what that is lol..
  • I don't get one until 20 weeks which seems so far away but I guess it'll be well worth the wait!
  • I've had three so far first one was at 6weeks then at 10weeks and the last one was at our NT scan at 12weeks.
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  • First one at 7w, second one today 12w1d, next at 20 weeks. Hopefully everything goes well and I do not need any in between.

    I will also do a 3d/4d elective scan around 28-30 weeks for fun pics.

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  • Barring complications, I'll only have one around 20 weeks. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! I sometimes feel a little jealous of those who get several as standard (obviously I'm happy not to have complications, but some insurance plans cover several ultrasounds as a general rule).
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  • image candypantsls:
    Around 20 weeks, as well.... Are you on tricare by chance?

    I have Tricare...

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  • I had one at 7 weeks for dating, the NT ultrasound at 12, and we are having an elective ultrasound at 16 weeks to find out gender. Then our anatomy scan at 20ish weeks. Getting to see our little one lots is really nice! 20 wks will be our last one thoughunless the doctor says I need another.


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  • JaneW2JaneW2
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    Dating US at 8 weeks, which was unnecessary because I knew the conception date for sure.  (But OB didn't ask, and I wanted to hear that heartbeat!)

    I just had NS at 12 weeks, with pretty pictures, and I'll have the full anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  I hope that'll be all!

  • I've had two so far. I'm 10w4d, and had one at 6w4d and one at 8w1d. First was to assess viability since we just lost twins 15 days before getting pregnant, and second was for a minor sch that caused a big big scare. Next one won't be until September for our 20 week ultrasound.
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  • image jeslillyn:
    What is tricare? I'm assuming no since I have no idea what that is lol..

    Typically military family insurance. I know they operate a bit differently than many other insurances.

    My gf has it and she doesn't get appointments/scans nearly as much as i already have and she's almost 8 weeks ahead of me. But then again I was totally irregular so they did a confirmation scan at what turned out to be 7 weeks and I will have one again soon I believe. I don't need them, but they are covered so eh, why not?!
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  • image drink227:

    I had one at 8 weeks after being punched in the stomach by a student (I teach middle school) and my NT scan.

    If I didn't want a NT scan and didn't get punched I would only have one at 20 weeks. I don't think I could've waited thanks to PGaL brain.

    what the what? So, this kid deliberately punched you in the stomach?! Please tell me he at least got suspended. Holy Crap.  

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  • Had one at 6, 10, and 12 (for NT scan).  Not sure if I'll have one tomorrow at my appt or not.

    With DD, I had one at 7, 11, 12 (for NT), 15, 18,  20 (anatomy), and 34ish.  I think I had another one in there too but can't remember when.  The 15 and 18w ones were my choice (my OB will do them whenever I ask) but the rest are standard at the office.

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  • 3peat3peat
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    I had a dating US 8 1/2 wks and another for the screening coming up at 12 1/2 wks.
    3X a charm! Our family is complete with our rainbow baby❤️
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