Breastfeeding and The Pill???

So, I've been exclusively breastfeeding for a month and two weeks and plan on continuing to do so six months to a year AT LEAST.  That being said, my husband and I want to be sure that we do not get pregnant.  My gynecologist put me on a progesterone only birth control pill and warned me that I could have spotting.  I did, in fact, get spotting today, five days after starting to take it.  My question is this....   will I get a period at the end of the pack or not?  I know typically a breastfeeding woman doesn't get a period, but since I'm taking the pill will that alter that cycle?

Lastly, I did some research and progesterone only pills seem relatively safe while breastfeeding because only a tiny amount gets into the baby.  It doesn't harm milk production.  Has anyone heard anything differently?  I'm pretty cautious about what gets into the baby and want to know if there are other concerns out there.

As a heads up, the insurance company wants me on birth control  because we want to have our tubes tied and they want to be sure I'm not pregnant when they do it.  That's why I haven't considered other alternatives like condoms.


Re: Breastfeeding and The Pill???

  • The progesterone only pill is a constant dose hormone so unlike standard combination pills, you don't get the withdrawal bleeding at the end of the pack. Every pill has the same level of hormone in it. When I was on the mini pill (before kid) I didn't have a cycle for the 2 years I was on it. 

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    I started taking the same pill last week and my meager supply decreased.  My lactation consultant said it affects supply in 10% of women and she doesn't recommend it.  You could be the 90% of women unaffected by it, but I stopped taking it and will have to get by with hormone free birth control.  As far as I know it is not harmful to the baby.  A doctor wouldn't prescribe something that would harm the baby.

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  • The mini pill generally doesn't affect supply (I think that 10% number is really high).

    I was on it for a year and never got my period. I still haven't. We went off of it in preparation to TTC soon (so we're using condoms temporarily).  It never affected my supply.

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  • I took the mini pill from 6wks postpartum till my DD was about 10 months old. I BF the entire time I was on the pill plus till DD was 17mos and did see a slight decrease in supply. My first period didn't come until DD was a year old and my cycle stayed irregular for the next several months before I got pregnant again.
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