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NBR: Women's suits

I was asked after posting my wedding photos here about where to shop for nice suits for women. We had a whole fiasco with one of the companies in this article (Tomboy Tailors - we ordered a suit months in advance, they took our money and promised delivery, it didn't arrive on time and they let us know a week before our wedding and refunded the money.)

Anyway, here is a great article about this fashion trend in case anyone is planning a wedding or is need of a really nice suit:

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Re: NBR: Women's suits

  • Thank you for sharing.  When we got married we had a really hard time finding a suit for my curvy butch wife.  We got really lucky and found a suit at JCPennys on clearance for $35, it was a total fluke!  But we searched high and low for months.  She originally wanted a white suit, but ended up settling for the black one because it was so inexpensive.
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  • A is not exactly butch but def would be uncomfortable in a dress. We found some ok ones online at Victoria Secret but she will have to get them altered to fit her 5'3" self. 

    Thanks for posting the article. Good thing we haven't set a date yet, we have plenty of time to shop around or have one made!

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  • DP and I are both relatively fem... but I wish, wish, wish they made female suit shops like they do for the menfolk.  I was getting super frustrated because I needed a business suit to go to an interview.  I don't want to look like Margaret Thatcher in a skirt-suit... I wanted a fitted, feminine suit tailored to my body, and I would've happily paid for it.  Instead I had to sift through the back portion of Lane Bryant and their horrid bedazzled confections trying to find something professional.  It's not easy being a chunky girl looking for a job. I managed to find something decent enough but it was horribly hot and uncomfortable.

    I just feel like no one would take me seriously if I was wearing a skirt, particularly in my profession. So annoying. I'll give this site a look though! If the suits are made for women with curves, all the better!

  • I sent this on to V. Exactly what she's bonn looking for, thanks!!
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  • I have nothing really beneficial to add, just that I know there ARE nice suit places out there, think of all of the women TV anchors.  My former co-worker found several really nice-looking suits when she worked with us.  I just wish I knew where so I could add options to this thread.  =)
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