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Hello all, I am new to this board. FTM trying to educate myself as much as possible after BF before her arrival. DH and I are working on our must have list of items not received at our shower that we will need before she comes. Now I would like to BF as much as possible but I wouldnt mind pumping so DH could help out. Should I buy a pump before or just wait it out. Would pumping at all help my supply? Is it beneficial to me to pump other then having DH feed her? TIA

Re: buying pump or not

  • Most health insurance plans cover a breast pump with no charge or a copay.

    It's not a must, but it certainly makes things easier, especially if you ever want to spend time away from your baby.
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  • If you can go through insurance, I would do that. If not, then wait to make sure you will need one, at least before buying an expensive electric one. You might want a hand pump ready. Additionally, you would not need it right away, so you will have time following the birth.
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  • Check with your insurance company because mine covered it at 100 percent.   I wasn't planning on pumping but my LO had latching issues so I was glad I had it.  It may be in your plans to BF only but sometimes babies have a mind of their own.  :-)
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  • Definitely check with your insurance company.  You may get one fully covered. 

    If not, and it is financially feasible for you to go ahead and purchase one, I would. We had some trouble nursing in the hospital, but I thought we were going to be ok. When we got home, LO refused to latch, AT ALL.  I spent my first night at home, LO crying, me crying, and trying to suck milk out of my breast with a nipple inverter to spoon feed her because she was so hungry and upset. It was NOT a pretty picture. The next day, I dug my pump out of the closet and learned how to use it.   I had to pump exclusively for her for the next 6 weeks until she started to nurse. I hadn't slept in 4 days, and I was a crying, hormonal mess.  The last thing I would have wanted to do at that point was research and go out and purchase a breast pump.  I really think I would have given up breastfeeding if I didn't have that pump. 

    As far as pumping goes, it seems like some people do really well with it, and have a good milk output, and others just don't.  I really didn't... I could pump for 40 minutes and not get enough to feed my baby a bottle... but now that she's latching and nursing, she does just fine without any supplementation.  In my case, the baby was way more efficient than the pump.

    If it turns out that you never need it, I found out that you buy one at Target, you CAN return it (despite what it says on the sticker on the box).  I ended up buying a Medela (a better one than my insurance provided) but I was afraid it wouldn't end up working out any better than the one I had. I spoke to multiple people with customer service who assured me that even if it was opened and used, and there was nothing wrong with it except I didn't like it, I could return it with a receipt within 90 days.  If you planned on doing this I would definitely keep record of who you talked to and when, etc,  but it's good to know if you're not sure you'll need the pump. 

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  • I rented one at first and I encourage every one to do it for a few reasons. 1) they are a higher quality 2) if BFing doesn't work out you just take it back instead of it sitting there, staring at you 3) it's cheaper to do that for a month or two if your insurance doesn't cover your pump.

    I think it helped bring my milk in (LO had a tongue tie) and I was at home any way so I didn't care about portability. When I knew BFing was going to work, I bought my pump then. 

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  • I would wait if insurance won't cover one....if you need a pump in the first few weeks, it should be a rental hospital grade pump.  Ideally, though, you shouldn't pump for the first few weeks.
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  • image chesnutridge:
    You might want a hand pump ready.

    Totally agree with this. I had TERRIBLE engorgement issues and didn't have one until day 8. It was a godsend and I used it to relieve the pressure in the first few weeks. Plus, it took a good month longer than anticipated to get my electric from the insurance company, so I was glad I had something else in the meantime.  

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  • I'd get one, We rarely give her bottles but I am still glad I got the pump and use it regularly to keep milk for when we go out.

    My milk was delayed in coming in so we had to supplement for a few days and I was glad I had the pump to help stimulate supply while she ate formula. Then I had to have emergency surgery at 4 weeks and I needed one for the hospital to keep my supply up.

    My situation was extreme but I was definitely glad I had one ahead of time. 

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  • Definitely check with your insurance company.  You may get one fully covered.  Obvi. Wink

    I would wait until you are fully set and sure you are going to BF.  I didn't offer a bottle until 3.5 weeks and did not even open my pump just in case.

    Also, if you don't have an immediate need keep your eyes out for sales to make sure you get the best possible price.


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  • Personally I think having a pump in the first days can be helpful. My baby had bad jaundice and my milk wasn't coming in, so I pumped some to help my milk come in faster. I had a hospital grade pump for the first few weeks, but honestly my Medela Pump In Style Advance seems to work just as well as the hospital pump. If you will be going back to work eventually, or just want to be able to go out to a movie while someone babysits, a pump is really helpful. It's that, formula, or you never leave your baby ever. I love my baby but sometimes I want to go out and do an adult activity without her.
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