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BGs Leaking During Naps/Night

I use BG 4.0 pockets. It's the vast majority of my stash and I'd like to avoid having to spend more money on more diapers if I can.

The problem is that they leak at night and during naps. Especially now that LO is sleeping on her tummy. It's leaking, I think, from around the legs.

The inserts are not soaked. I was with Tide Original Ultra. I have a toploader HE machine and use 2 T. of detergent. I do a cold rinse, hot 30 min soak, hot wash, two cold rinses.

LO is almost 7 months, about 26 inches, 18.5 lbs. I used to have them on the midrise but recently went back to the shortest rise (like all the snaps done) and I snap them across so there are 3 columns of snap showing (so 3 in on one side, 4 in on another). Still leaks. It is so frustrating that I am now using sposies at night b/c I hate having to change her, and her clothes, and the sheets, in the MOTN.

Any ideas on what the issue is and how to solve?

Re: BGs Leaking During Naps/Night

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