Nap Hell

So we moved 3 weeks ago, but they are also just about 18 months old (17 when we moved), and they were still taking 2 naps daily (ranging from 45 min to 2 hours, depending how tired they were and how quiet we were).  

They get up at 5am (on average, range from 4:30am-5:30am), it sucks!  We've tried everything from blackout curtains, white noise, cry it out.....nothing works.  They are up.  Very frustrating.

So they are just melting by midmorning.  I have no clue how they are supposed to get down to just 2 naps a day if they are up that early.  We've been trying for the past 3 weeks and it has just been a meltdown disaster.  If I try to take them somewhere to keep them awake, they fall asleep in the stroller or the car (and that is even if it is just a 10 minute drive!).  There is NO transferring them either.  If they fall asleep in the car that's that.  When I have tried that little catnap in the morning, they have been refusing their afternoon nap.  If I'm going to get any naps at all I definitely have to give the morning nap.  Even though they hit a wall early/midafternoon, and I put them down, they cry for 20-30 minutes before falling asleep for 1-1.5 hours.

I'm at a completely loss, and no one gets why I can't get the girls onto one nap.  NO ONE GETS HOW AWFUL IT IS TO HAVE MELTING MULTIPLES.  Add to that they bite when they get tired.  UGH.

Probably doesn't help that they are getting 6-8 teeth EACH right now. 

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Re: Nap Hell

  • I feel your pain. My babies are only seven months old, but their typical schedule is wake up at 5:30 am, go back to sleep from 6:30-9:30, and then stay up for the rest of the day. Sometimes I can get them to take a half hour nap later in the day (not at the same time). Seriously!!

    This week we've had pleasure of DD waking up at 4:30 am, and then both babies getting up for the day at 8 am (again, with maybe one half hour nap if we're lucky) that's been really special :-/. I'm guessing this has something to do with teething, but who knows?

    I hope your babies start napping more for you! 

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  • Have you tried changing their bedtime to see if that affects their wake time?  Without getting them to sleep later, I'm not sure how you'll get them to one nap.
  • There is a sleep regression around 18 months I hear, which doesn't help your issue! I have been more or less following The Sleep Lady book and have been happy so far. You have to adapt a little for multiples but my twins sleep better than my singletons ever did. Good luck, a lack of sleep is hard to deal with, day AND night.
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    How long have you let them cry in the morning and how consistently?  My girls often wake up 4:30 to 5 and I never go into get them.  They do fall back asleep but it can take 30 minutes or so of on and off crying.

    Can you just not go anywhere for a couple of days so you can work on establishing their schedule and not letting them fall asleep in the car, stroller etc.  Even a 10 min nap in the car will be the end of a regular nap for us.

    Also - can you get some help during the day?  Staying home and being adamant about scheduling is tough stuff, its so much better if you have help or better yet some time to yourself. 


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  • *hugs* I remember these days. I don't have the slightest clue as to what we did, it is a blur.  :) But, it did eventually pass :) I hope that brings a little hope ;D) 


    I do remember that I had to stay home for about a week to transition, and even then it took a while for the 1 nap to work/stick.  They say sleep begets sleep, but Im only convinced of that half of the time. What time do they go to bed at night again?

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