I've decided to take a short bumpcation. IPGate has me upset, more upset than I should be at an internet message board. I'm not upset at any of you; I'm upset at the way XOGroup is (not) addressing the situation. If Reddit pulled this kind of crap I would delete all my accounts in a heartbeat. I'm not happy, but I also realize my feelings will probably blow over with time.

The fact is I've been spending too much time here at work anyways. I'm bored and frustrated by work and this has been my outlet. I need to spend less time here in general.

This is not GBCB by any stretch. I'll be around. My tentative plan is to go dark from when I hit post until Monday at least and re-evaluate then. We'll see if I stick to that. I'll probably lurk. Sorry for AWing. Most of you are good peeps; if you wasn't I'd be long outie.
-My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.

Re: Bumpcation

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