So excited!

We have a finished basement, that has a built in bar. We have lived here for 5 years, and have always had intentions of making it a "man cave". Instead it has become a room we never use, and a waste of space. I told DH we need to finish it, or turn it into a playroom. He said honestly he prefers to watch tv, games, etc in the living room. Playroom it is! I'm so excited to get all of the clutter out of my living room!

Anyone have any suggestions for playroom storage/furniture? It's not a huge space, and theres a tv/couch there which I plan on leaving. They have 2 outdoor plastic picnic tables, so I plan on moving one down there for coloring/puzzles/play-doh. Any other suggestions? TIA




Re: So excited!

  • I don't have a finished basement (but it is something I covet) so I don't have any experience with turning one into a playroom.  May I suggest Pinterest for ideas?  I would go with storage benches or the like for toys.  I also dig the little kid table and chairs sets.  We had one for my little brother that had a surface that play-doh didn't adhere to and marker/crayon washed off of nicely. 

    I wouldn't include anything that takes up too much precious floor space. 


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