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Giving baby sugar for constipation...

Have you ever heard of that? My mother in law suggested we give Chris sugar if he ever gets constipated...she swears by this!! However I refuse to give him sugar at this age. Not to mention we've planned on introducing DILUTED juice after he's a year old.

Have any of you heard of this remedy? Just curious. 

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Re: Giving baby sugar for constipation...

  • Mixing it in with their formula/breastmilk.
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  • yep, like PP its OWT. i would probably not even be able to smile and nod at that one.. i would crack up. depending on how long your baby has been constipated for, and remembering the older they get (especially after introducing solids) multiple days without a bowel movement is ok. our ped said the 4-5 day mark is when you can do action. he recommended giving an oz or 2 of diluted juice. it worked for us. 
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  • Mmm I'm guessing this goes along with the "give them corn syrup" one.  When the pedi told me not to do that I LOLed and he just looked at me and was "lots of people do it."

  • I've heard of giving corn syrup. I find it strange and feel like it is probably an OWT but a lot of people swear by it! We've only had one bout of constipation and I gave DS a few droppers fulls (I used the one that came with his gripe water) of 100% prune juice in a bottle and that was more than enough. Now that we're on solids though if we have constipation I would just feed him prunes or the like to help him out as we want to avoid juice drinking for awhile too. 

  • Nope, never heard that one; we didn't have constipation problems with DS and haven't had them with DD but everyone I know either used diluited pear or prune juice or baby specific glicerine enemas
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