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Flip cover timing

I plan to use disposable diapers for the first few weeks when LO arrives until her umbilical cord falls off. Then I will be using flip snapping covers and the stay dry inserts. If she is a normal size baby do you think they will fit her at that point? Has anybody else used them right off the bat like that?

On a side note, how many inserts do you think I'll need if I want to wash only every other day? I have 8 covers.
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Re: Flip cover timing

  • DS didn't fit OS diapers till he was almost 3 months old. He had super skinny legs which is why nb's don't fit them right away. But every baby is different. If your LO fattens up fast then you may be able to use them after a few weeks. I would have 30 to 36 inserts as nb's poop and pee a LOT.

    Eta: just so you know the stay dry inserts shift around a lot and more than likely when your LO poops it will get on the cover.

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  • We used Flips from day one with DD. She was born at 8lb 1 oz. I've heard people say they don't fit NB's, but we didn't have an issue. I can't speak for the inserts, we just use them with prefolds.

    ETA: DD had good-sized thighs, though.

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  • I started with flips at 8 weeks old.
    I had close to 20 inserts I think.
    You could get some prefolds to bulk up your insert stash. I use those at home.
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    Flips were way too big (absolutely did not fit) on my DS for a couple months. He was 8lbs 10oz at birth but long and lean.  I like them now at 7mo, but couldn't use them right away.  Even if they fit, they have relaxed leg elastic with no double gussets.  For runny newborn poo, you need double gussets!   

    The first couple months, I went through an average of 14 diapers a day.  Save yourself a bundle of money and get  2 dozen Imagine smart fit prefolds size small instead of using that many sposies a day!

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  • DD's cord fell off at 1 week PP.

     She didn't fit into her OS diapers until she was 2 months old... and even then it was probably more wishful thinking that I had her in them. Looking back at pictures they were huge. I love my prefolds now that I don't need a snappi, (her poop is solid) but I was so done with them at 2 months...  She was about 9 lbs when they 'fit' and it was probably closer to 3 months when they really started to fit.



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  • DD was an average size baby - 7 lb 5 oz. She did not fit Flip snap covers until 8 weeks old. She probably would have fit in an Aplix one at 6 weeks.

    Other than that they probably won't fit for awhile, something to keep in mind is that even if they do that newborn poo is really runny. It won't stay on the Flip insert and you'll get poop on the cover. Not a big deal if your LO poops 1x per day, but some newborns poop at every change for the first 2 months or so.

    I had 36 newborn diaper changes. DD averaged 15 diapers per day for the first 3 months, so this was enough so that I could wash every other day and still have some left to use while doing laundry.

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