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Hello May mommas, 

I weaned DD off of her last (morning) bf session about 2 weeks ago.She had only been bf-ing twice a day since about 10 months so we first cut out the evening session, then a few weeks later, the morning. It went surprisingly well. In fact, I think it was harder on me than her. Now all of the sudden she is super clingy with me and wants NOTHING to do with DH. Most nights, she would walk right over to daddy and want to be picked up and then they would go into her room (or the play room) and play while I made dinner. Recently, she just cries anytime he picks her up and cries momma and reaches out for me. She does not stop. We have had to start putting her in the play pen in the kitchen so that she can see me while I cook and even then she cries momma and reaches out for me. DH wont say it, but I know it's hurting his feelings and I feel so bad. I get up with her in the morning, get her dressed and fed and then take her to daycare, I pick her up and then do her bath and put her down at night. I dont know if this is just a phase and has something to do with the end of BFing or what. Anyone else experience this? TIA 

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  • It's just a phase. My oldest did this for awhile. I can't remember how old he was but, it was around 1 or 1.5. I tried to give them more alone time. If I was out running errands DS1 was fine. Now DS2 is starting to do it, but he wants daddy. 
  • It is just a phase. DS went through it around a year old when he would get super upset if I wasn't around even if DH was. He still "prefers"... I hate to use that word but I'm not sure how else to phrase a lot of the time but then he has times when he wants to just sit and play with DH. I've noticed that it is related to his mood a lot of the time. When he is feeling super playful he is morw inclined to want to sit with DH. When he's just mellow, cranky, or tired, he'll only want me. I guess Daddy is the "fun" one since he rarely does any of the day to day stuff and generally just spends playtime with him.
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    Our DD goes through this and she wasn't BF. Usually it happens when she's teething or learning something new developmentally. Then she's back to her old self until the next round....


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  • As other PP said, it is common and just a phase.  It has nothing to do with bfing, IMO.  I will tell you to enjoy it because my older LO (now 3) started preferring my DH from the ages of 2 to 3.  She wanted nothing to do with me. 
  • My daughter went through this, a bit younger around 6-9 mos. She wouldn't go to anyone except me or my mom. She would scream if she knew I was home and my husband had her. It slowly got better. She was ok if I wasn't there (out running errands) so I tried to do that a little more and it slowly got better. It really is just a  phase. Hang in there!
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