Clogged Duct + Thrush

I've had thrush for weeks, and I just finished 14 days of Diflucan yesterday. While there is a marked improvement, I don't think it's all gone, so I've started Grapefruit Seed Extract. Also taking a ProBiotic.

This morning, I woke up to what I believe is a clogged duct. A painful area in the breast, hurts to massage it, right where the underwire hit on my bra yesterday, on my first attempt to wear a regular bra again. (Fail.) No fever, no redness.

Of course I want to avoid mastitis, but especially because I'm terrified of needing antibiotics right now. 

So my plan is to go back to every 2 hours nursing if possible, but I'm not sure if my nips can handle it since they are still very tender and cracked from the Thrush. If not nursing, I'll pump. This morning I applied heat to the area before nursing, and cold to the nipples after nursing. I'm trying to reapply the diluted GSE every hour - depending on how long he nurses for.

Does this sound like the best plan? Is there anything I'm missing, or doing wrong? I won't be wearing underwires again anytime soon, that's for sure. And if the GSE doesn't work, I'll move on to Genetian Violet.

How many days should I give GSE? What can I use with it to moisturize the nipples to help heal the cracks?


Also, I already tried to get All Purpose Nipple Ointment from my doc, but they don't do compounding at the military pharmacy, and they don't order out to compounding pharmacies. I tried to just buy it directly from the local compounding pharmacy, but they won't do it without an RX. So before the 14 days of Diflucan, my doc had me using 3 tubes and mixing them myself - Lotrimin, Myporocin (sp?), and Hydrocortisone creme. It didn't really help.

Re: Clogged Duct + Thrush

  • Definitely keep applying warmish-hot wet heat. Several times a day. Please be careful not to use anything too hot. Any sign of a lump, go see your doctor. Increase your fluids and your sleep, if possible. I have undergone two breast surgeries that were not cosmetic. With my first, I thought I just had a plugged duct, but it was past mastitis into abscess. It got worse than that. I wouldn't mess with it. If you need the antibiotics, go get them. They are better than an abscess, a surgery, months of pumping, and wound packing. It would probably be good to boost your vitamin c, too. I am sorry if I sound very bossy. I was so ignorant myself when I breastfed my first baby, that I ended up in the ER and with visiting nurses for months. I am always pushing women to be seen and get help now.
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    A combination of GSE, gentian violet and probiotic helped me and DS with thrush, and warm compresses while pumping (and nursing like crazy while not at work) has helped me clear plugged ducts... I had flu-mastitis early on and it  was horrible, I take clearing those ducts really seriously now!

  • For a warm compress, run as warm as you can stand it water in a diaper and put that on your boob. It stays warmer than a cloth.
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  • I found that a soak in the bath tub for 30 minutes every night really helped clear my worst clog. GL!
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    image TJ1979:
    I found that a soak in the bath tub for 30 minutes every night really helped clear my worst clog. GL!

    This sounds like the most enjoyable way to help! Thanks! 

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