Anxiousness Hypochondria???

Lately, I have been feeling so anxious and fearful of everything. It is getting to the point where I feel like I am going to get some horrible disease or something and every sore or ache that I feel I freak out about it. I understand in many ways that my innocence about life and pregnancy has been lost but I do not want to keep living like this constantly in fear. I have been praying and reading scriptures and I have seen a counselor about it. I guess I just need to keep working on it until it gets better. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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Re: Anxiousness Hypochondria???

  • So sorry you are experiencing this but this does seem to be quite common amongst the ladies on this board. It's what I call "worst case scenario syndrome" because the worst has happened so why wouldn't it happen again. It does get easier and more manageable as days go by but this is a natural part of the grief process it seems. What helped me was to write down these thoughts and then they seemed more irrational. I used to have crazy thoughts that my husband and dog were going to die in their sleep or that my house was going to be broken into. Hugs to you. You aren't alone. I hope things get better for you with this as they have for me but it unfortunately takes time.
  • Yes! That's exactly how I feel! Thank you! I was worried that I was alone and I can tell that my family and friends really don't understand.  

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  • totally normal!!!!

    I was driving DH insane for months worrying about everything.  First I was having pains in my ovary...I decided I was now infertile (it was just a minor cyst)...then I found a mole and obsessed over that for weeks until I got it checked out (noncancerous)...I also got really obsessive over someone breaking into my house (I live in  a zero crime area). 

    As PP mentioned, the worst thing happened to you and you totally had no control over yourself or your circumstances so I think that causes you to have anxiety over it happening again.

    I can say that almost 8 months out I am not dealing with it near as much...it has gotten so much better.    I have been seeing a therapist but and she has helped me a lot.  HTH!!!

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  • I did the same exact thing with the pain in the ovary! I have gone to the doctor twice in the last two weeks! I thought I was seriously losing it! I am looking forward to things getting better! Thanks so much!

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