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opinions on cereal for reflux baby

looking for opinions on introducing oatmeal to DD...

She is 19 weeks old and her reflux has been TERRIBLE lately.  Both pedi and GI want her to gain more weight, but have recommended delaying solids until 6 months.  Both, however, said that she could have cereal added to her bottle (oatmeal to ward off constipation that can come with rice).  I asked if I am going to do that, why can't I just feed her the cereal, but both suggested to put it in her bottle.

 I wanted to hold off on cereal until 6 months, but she is not gaining adequately, never seems satiated, and is not keeping much of anything down lately.  (She's on prevacid, but cannot increase the dose until she gains weight.)


Soooo...at this point, would you just feed her cereal or put in bottle? or just wait altogether?  TIA for your opinions! 

Re: opinions on cereal for reflux baby

  • My pedi said I could give DD cereal to help with her reflux, but we never received instructions. My MIL (for what her opinion is worth!) said that she would put it in the bottle. I know she had to do that for MH because he had HORRIBLE reflux as a baby (he still has it now, so that's why we're overly cautious with DD).

    I think they want it in the bottle because then it's going to be thinner and she might end up ingesting more of the cereal and milk in hopes that it will stay down. If you switch to spoon feeding, she might not get as much in her because it's a new type of feeding and I'm sure there's a learning curve. FWIW, I'd suggest putting it in the bottles in the hopes that she gets more and save the spoon for later.

  • I have been thinking of this to help w my dd reflux as well. Do you buy a special nipple?
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    You can either use the next stage nipple, your existing one and just make the hole bigger, or some brands have a y-cut or cereal nipple.
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    thanks for your opinions! i think we will try to thicken her formula today.
  • Our pedi suggested cereal in the bottle to help with spit up. I did it tried it twice and didn't sleep a wink because I was afraid he'd choke. So, to the spoon we went. I saw a slight difference in spitting but nothing much.
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