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Stroller travel dilemma....

I am flying to TX with my 1 year old daughter on a trip to see her great grandma next week, for 10 days. DD still naps at least twice a day, but my grandmother is always on the run and so I know we will be stuck doing the majority of her naps in the middle of a mall or something like that. (She will not tolerate going home just so DD can nap and there's no point fighting with her because she's just crazy and kind of mean.)

So, I need a good comfy spot for DD to sleep "on the fly"....which we usually never do since I structure our days around her naptimes at home. I am anxious because she is not the best sleeper! I have a City Mini and an inherited BOB, but the problem is I really don't want to gate check either of them and risk getting them banged around. 

Can anyone recommend a great semi-compact, comfortable stroller that still reclines for a nap and preferably has a hood? Right now I'm looking at the Contours Lite Stroller on Amazon. I still keep wondering if I should just take the risk of damaging the City Mini or BOB and just take one of them. 


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Re: Stroller travel dilemma....

  • I have flown with my city mini 5 times and gate checked it every single time. I made a cover for it to protect it from any damage and it has always been fine. I don't think its worth buying another stroller for one trip, but if you have the money and you don't mind spending it, it doesn't hurt to get another one.

    My almost 2 year old is not a great sleeper when we are out and about, but he sleeps pretty well in the ergo carrier.

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  • I have also traveled multiple times with my BJCM. I bought the Britax b-agile travel bag and it fits the BJCM just fine. Gate checked it and never had any issues with flying with it. 
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  • I've also flown with my CM with no travel bag and it was fine, except they damaged the child's tray.  I filled out a complaint with Delta and they reimbursed me quickly for a new one.  Also, when filling out the claim, they were 100% prepared to buy a whole new stroller and were a little confused when I said all I need was a $25 part.  Not sure if every airline would be that nice/prepared to pay.

    Edit: I've also flown once with a cheaper umbrella stroller and it sucked.  I completely missed my one hand steering, the huge canopy and the easy fold.

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    image LauraT25:
    I've gate checked my B Agile (pretty similar to the CM) 4 times with no issues.  I would just bring it.

    I would do the same or get a travel bag for your CM. Cheaper than a new stroller.   

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  • Ok I'm convinced! I'll bring the City Mini with the Britax cover. Thanks so much!
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  • we flew with our b agile; gate checked it, used one of those carseat gate check bags.  had no problems,

    or baby wear. 

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