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introducing a "soother"

DS does not have a mobile in his room, he does like the ceiling fan...

I just ordered the sleep turtle that puts waves on the ceiling in an effort to help him fall asleep on his own.  We are in the no CIO camp.

He nurses to sleep (it is the only way he will eat, but that is a whole other issue) and falls asleep for 30 minutes whether I lay him in his crib or keep him in my arms.  I can usually rock him back to sleep within 10 minutes and he will sleep for another 45 or longer.  My goal is to get rid of the wake up at 30 minutes.

Do you ladies have any suggestions on how to introduce the soother to try and help this? 

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Re: introducing a "soother"

  • Im curious too because I am in the same boat.
  • Haha--same here. I'm watching this for sure. DD will nap for hours if my boob is in her mouth or RIGHT THERE. Otherwise, 40 minutes max. She used to occasionally take a longer nap in her crib, but no more. She doesn't have this problem at night AT ALL!!! AHHHH!

    All that is to say, I feel for you!

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  • We are following suggestions from the No Cry Sleep Solution to help DD learn to fall asleep not nursing.  It's a slow transition, but since she's had six months to get into the habit, I don't expect her to change in a day or two.

    basically, we nurse as usual and then when I know. She's falling asleep, I pop the nipple out.  Yup, she wakes right up and fusses.  I pat her and shhh her but if she gets more worked up, we go right back to nursing.  A minute later she's all drowsy again and we repeat.  The first couple of days we had to repeat upwards of ten times a session, but that's been dropping steadily.  Now it's maybe twice that she asks to nurse again.  And, amazingly, I've watched her put herself to sleep.  Completely shocking! 

  • We love the turtle!  DD is totally mezmorized by the waves and the music is very soothing.  I've been putting on that, giving her binky, and a lovey to get her to sooth herself when she wakes up.  I try not to pick her up unless she's really crying.

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  • This was right around the age I introduced a lovie to DD, and am currently doing the same for DS. For her, when I would lay her in bed each night (and nap), I would just tuck it in her arm and kind of make her arm grab it. I would say it took her maybe a month? I'm holding out that DS catches on as well, because it is super nice to have something that comforts them!

    Good luck! 

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