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ON, leaks, disposables, rolling over, etc...

So on an exciting note DS started rolling from back to front when he turned 4 months. On a less than exciting note, he still hasn't figured out how to get off his belly, which means for the last few days every night he ends up stuck on his stomach, and wakes up MAD AS A WET HORNET SCREAMING. That being said, we've still been using disposables overnight until I have a ON stash built up. I think that time has finally come, because last night I finally got him to fall back asleep then noticed his entire left side was soaked with pee! People who say disposables are more absorbent are off their rockers! If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated. He is 4 months, 20 lbs, and I think a pretty heavy wetter. During the day he's changed at least every 2 hours.
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Re: ON, leaks, disposables, rolling over, etc...

  • We use a microfiber and a hemp insert for overnight. I've heard that sandwiching a microfiber between two hemp inserts works great too.

    As for the rolling over, when we were at this transition period we just laid him down close to the side of his crib. He would only roll to the right so he was too close to the side to roll over that way. 

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  • If you have the budget, go with wool and a good fitted.

    For us a good sized prefold and a hemp doubler with a cover has worked most of the time. I'd say I've only had about 5 to 10 leaks in 6 months.
  • For us, stuffing a bigger pocket (we use a blueberry) with a bamboo prefold (imagine brand) and a hemp doubler (Joey Bunz) has worked great for months. LO is now at the point where his diaper is soaked every morning, although he rarely leaks, so we're going to give a fitted with wool a try.

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  • DD isn't an overly heavy wetter... so take this for what it's worth.

    We have S'bish fitteds and they work fine.  but we also have $8 AMP hemp prefolds that work just as well and clean easier.  Even if we needed a doubler, it'd be cheaper to go that route than the fitteds.  But again, DD isn't a super heavy wetter.


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  • Are you using a nighttime sposie?  Just asking.  It doesn't matter since it is looking like you want to go cloth.  I'd go with a fitted and a wool cover if I were you.  You can always try beefing up a pocket, but it seems like less effort to go with the fitted and cover...totally worth the money I think. 
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  • We've always had good luck with a GMD Workhorse fitted with a doubler and standard cover (thirsties, rumparooz etc.). DD's diaper is definitely wet in the morning, but we've never had a leak with this set-up.
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