Separate bedrooms, if possible?

Okay we will be sleep training soon and would like some opinions on whether we should put them in separate or the same room? Thoughts? Thanks!

Re: Separate bedrooms, if possible?

  • We had them in the same room before we started sleep training, but once we actually motivated to sleep train, we separated them. One of our boys didn't need "training" at all - he would put himself to sleep pretty easily. The other would scream - which would end up bothering the other one. Most folks will say that their twins will sleep through the other's crying - but not ours. Separate rooms did the trick. After a couple of months, and when we were comfortable, we put them back in the same room - they've been great ever since and they actually do sleep through each other's squeaks and squeals now, otherwise they keep each other entertained. We have next to zero meltdowns or trouble getting them to sleep. Good luck!
  • Thanks for your reply! How did you sleep train? did you start with naps or bedtime? Thanks!
  • We just finished sleep training our 9 month old b/g twins. I asked the same question on here. I took the advice of most and kept them in the same room. Mine, most of the time, slept through each others cries and screams. We only had a problem with the other waking up twice. They sleep great now! We couldn't do the "go in every 5 then 10 then 15 min" routine. As soon as mine would see you, they would get all worked up even worse. We just had to suck it up and let them cry it out. I have a monitor I can see them on, so I was just glued to the monitor to make sure he or she was okay. It was NOT fun, but only took about 3 to 5 days for each. I started with my daughter and then my son. Good Luck!!! Stay strong and keep a routine...that's the most important thing you can do. Be consistent!!!!!
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  • My kids will be four in 2 weeks and they are still in the same room.  They generally sleep through any problems that the other may have.  They love being together and they don't like sleeping apart...even still.  Our bigger challenge is going to be getting them into their own rooms when they turn 5.  :)  I agree with the PP consistency and routine are the key to success.  It will be hard to hear your babies cry, but you will all make it through. 

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  • Would you start with naps or bedtime? Thanks for all your help!
  • We started with nighttime sleep. We did check and console on one of them - that was the easier sleeper - as needed. We could pick him up and calm him before putting him back down. Seeing us didn't wind him up like his brother. With the other we ended up doing graduated extinction, letting him cry at extended intervals. We'd lay him back down and put a blanket over him at the end of the intervals, if necessary. But we wouldn't pick him up out of the crib at all. To be honest, it was so hard for me. I hated hearing him cry, and I'd count the minutes, but it worked out in the end.
  • We also began with bedtime.  It just seemed easier for us.  Also, both of our kids loved suckies (pacifiers).  We would put 10 in each crib and when they would wake up they would be able to find one, soothe themselves, and fall back asleep quickly. We would watch them on their was cute.  That will only work if your babies like suckies though.  I can't remember how old they were when we began sleep training either.  Just remember that when things get tough you will get through it, then another challenge will come up and you'll forget about the first one. You, and they, can do it!! 

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  • Wish I had done it from the start!!!! At 6 months we separated them and its been heaven!!!!
  • I would work on them individually, in separate bedrooms, starting with night time sleep.  But I would not let them cry it out. I am vehemently opposed to doing that. Have you ever actually tried to stand by and do nothing while your child cries?  If you can actually do that, more power to you because it was not something I was able to do.

     Are my boys the best sleepers?  No.  It took nearly 2 years before they were mostly sleeping through the night.  But I am proud that I never resorted to crying it out and we maintained the loving and trusting bond that we have.

    Everyone does what works for them.  But crying it out would never have worked for me.

    I would ask:  how are you doing naps now? I noticed you asked about naps and night time sleep twice.  are naps a problem?  I believe that the babies will wake each other up and therefore mine have been separated from 6 weeks onward.  Start there.

    Daytime sleep takes longer to develop (in my opinion) so as long as they are eating enough during the day, you might find it easier to begin with night time sleep.

    Good luck. 

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