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*Update* - I either pee'd myself or am leaking AF

Mobile: I either pee'd myself or am leaking AF

I really dont think I pee'd myself but am sitting here getting on TB and drinking my morning coffee and a huge gush of fluid shoots out of me. I was like "uh hunny what is that?!"

I already have a doctors appt today at 9:50 so I will call them to see if I can come in a bit early. Meantime, I'm going to get our house in tip top shape... just in case. My guess/hunch is that its not AF and its just a larger amount of discharge (yes, lovely I know.) So now I"m pissed that I will need to get the slip cover to my chair cleaned! 


*** Update ***

Definitely not AF! Thank goodness. They ran the tests which came back negative. They also had me hooked up to the NST for twice the normal amount of time since I ran into a drawer this morning and have a nice sized bruise on my belly. LOL What a morning! I'm glad I already had the NST appt and the fluid check, made it easier knowing that I didnt have to be fit in.

Thanks for all your concern and well wishes!  


Re: *Update* - I either pee'd myself or am leaking AF

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